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Faded ink

Greetings ye woeful fok!

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Greetings ye woeful folk, ye desperate sinners clutching your can of Beans, all are welcome in the house of the Rev. Barnaby Barksdale! From my chapels in the bones of the old religions I, and my merry band of heavenly fathers, shall give ye rest, shall put you right, and teach you the word of our Lord Almighty! 

Ye think me mad?! An old man babbling from the empty chapels of the old world, handing out water and cans of Beans to the hungry and sick. Well, did you know a standard can of Beans contains exactly 6.9 grams of sugar?! Not laughing now I'll wager! 

So join us, ye wretched folk, and here stories of the old world; of the whispered word that filters down through the radio airwaves from Green Mountain, of the voices in air that prophetise the coming of a second apocalypse. And bring Beans, the Lord enjoys Beans...

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