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Infected Parkour

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I was wondering that with the infected now having the ability to jump over obstacles are we meant to RP out that this is a sign of the infected changing or this is simply something that they have always been able to do?

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I would wait for a Loremaster's opinion on this, but perhaps they were thinking of adding into the lore that the zombies are mutating into a stronger form?

They make you bleed more... so...?

To answer your question, I've been RP'ing that they're stronger...

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As the game changes there will always be certain features, developments, and mechanics that may conflict with our lore. Such as adding all this USMC gear, or as you said that infected behave differently now. We'll just have to roll with the punches, and accept the changes. We would only really change the lore if there was a dramatic change in the game. Similar to the addition of new areas of the map or the reworked areas like Chernogorsk, we consider them to have always been like that, or in this case the infected always acted like this.

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As the answer has been given I will mark this as Solved. If you wish for more clarification you can post on this thread, PM myself, the other CH's or a LM or you could pop into the waiting for staff help.

With the above said


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