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Jakob Fredricsson, desperate [OPEN FREQUENCY

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*Jakob looks over his sholder with an anxious glance, he keeps turning his head over his shoulder several times until he picks up his radio, with an rusty and disheartned voice he starts speaking*

I have been out here by my own since the outbreak, I have not seen a single soul in so long...

The only thing I see are my friends dying infront of my eyes one by one.


If there is anyone out there... I need you now... I need someone.

*He looks over his shoulder one last time and this time he starts staring at his rifle, with a tear running down his cheek he starts speaking*

I can't take it much longer, if I cant find anyone or if I dont get respons by nightfall I will assume that all hope on humanity is lost.

*Jakob lets go of the radiobutton and then goes over to his shed in the woods carefully placing his newly found radio in the shed, then he picks up the picture of his family and start praying that someone will reply, *

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*Rufus notices the static from his radio, deep inside his backpack. He listens to Jakobs cry for help* 

"Don't worry my friend. You'll meet someone, some day." 


"It's their intentions, and whether or not they want to kill or help, you should be worried about."

*Rufus packs his bag, and wonders how much time Jakob has left* 

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*Jakob swings his axe towards the tree as he hears a voice in the distance. He starts looking around but quickly assume that it is only his mind playing him a game. He gather his logs and walks back to his shed, he drops of some logs inside and some he throws in to the fire. He hears a voice again and this time he realize that it must be his radio, he rushes towards the radio where he hear a man speaking. Jakob responds in a hurry while he is stuttering*


What should I do? Where should I go? I have been looking in every city, every village with no succes of finding a clue towards where people might be.

*Jakob gets overwhelmed by the fact that he has heard an actual human speaking, its been nearly two years since he spoke to someone except himself*

Is there a haven for survivors? Where is it located?

Are you still there??

*Eagerd to hear if the survivor that spoke to him will respond Jakob put the radio to the side while he sat down in his shed looking at the radio and patiently waiting*

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*Choy slowly pulls out his radio and click the transmit button*

If you could see the shit I've seen....

*he takes a deep breath*

You wouldn't want to find anyone... Count your blessings, kid.

*Choy releases the transmit button, as a tear slowly rolls down his cheek*

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*Sean picks up his radio and presses the transmit button upon hearing the frantic man on the other side of the line*

"Hey there man, My name is Sean I need you to calm down a little. Humanity isn't lost but it is dying slowly. Don't misunderstand me humans are still well and good but humanity is being lost day by day in this hellhole of a world. If you're looking for people and are craving interaction with another living person I heard over the radio that there is a bed and breakfast in Tulga that is being reopened, Take a deep breath and check your map it's to the south east almost on the ocean."

*He takes a moment to breath and the voice of his brother can be heard in the background faintly, after a moment or so he returns to the radio*

"Now listen it may not be safe there, but it's the only place I know of right now that has any hope of being a haven. It might not last long hell it might already be gone but it's a shot man... If you're still struggling just remember people are out there, they're alive, and they are not always as kind as I am so be on your guard."

*Just as he's about to shut off the radio his brother can be heard in the background once more this time a fair bit louder telling him that they should be moving and with that he shuts the radio off and continues on his way.*

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*As Jakob hears all of these voices he gets excited, he is not alone, there might still be hope!*

Thank you Sean! I have now clamed down abit, I will take your advise and try to make my way down to Tulga's bed and breakfast.

I hope to see a friendly face when arriving!

*As Jakob says those words he gets really excited of all the possible things that might happen when he meets all of these survivors. All the stories that he will hear, all things he will experience. As Jakob shuts of his radio he has the biggest smile on his face since the outbreak*

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*Radio clicks on*

Sanctuary awaits you friend. If only you seek it out.

Find me. Brutus out.

*Radio clicks off*

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Dillian rest his binoculars on the ground and raises his radio to his lips and speaks  

Names Dillian try and stop by Kab or james town or New paris what ever is this town is called now my agency is located out of that location

He lowers the radio quickly and picks ups his binos and looks out across the distance

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Jim picks up his radio to respond.

"Do us all a favor and stop competeing for resources. A whiney bitch like you shouldn't be the reason people go hungry at night."

Jim Puts away his radio.

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*As Jakob listens to those words he gets up and walks out from his shed in to the forest with nothing but his radion and his axe. Without a glance back at the place where he has been spending the last 2 years he leaves his past and he thinks to himself "I will show them, Jakob is no coward"*

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