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Introducing myself!

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My name is Axel and I just registered too your community! I am a 20 year old guy from Sweden.

I've been playing DayZ for a very long time, mostly on ArmA II but also around 50 hours on DayZ Standalone.

But I've always felt that you never get a genuine survival experience on normal servers since most people are

just RDM:ing. So i thought it would be a good idea to join a RP server where I hope to find new joy in the game.

Hope to see you in-game! : - )

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Hello Axel and welcome to the community!

Good luck with the whitelist and just dont rush it.

Dont forget to post somewhere else on the forums to '' activate '' your forum account.

Have fun on the servers and the forums! :D

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Hey there Ord. Welcome to the community!

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Heyyy welcome to the community! <3

If you haven't yet I'd highly recommend reading over the rules a few times to familiarize yourself with it, as well as taking a look at the FAQ and Newcomer Guide for some great tips!

Also, you can speak to any Community Helper to explain any questions you have through a private message or the "questions" section of the forums. A nice little list of these awesome people can be found HERE.

You can also use the Teamspeak's Help Desk to talk to someone in staff if you would like to actually talk to someone. You can find the link to our Teamspeak under the "community" tab.

Hope you have a great time here, and see ya out there! <3

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