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Introduction of a old man :)

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Hey guys so im looking hopefully be a part of the cummunity i have applied just waiting now, but hopefully all goes well and i can be a part of some of story's and hopefully you mine.

So im 37 from the uk Newcastle to be exact wife and 3 kids, been a gamer since the the Atari so quite some time i have always enjoyed role play ( i guess some things you never grow out of), i was in the army for 13 years and now work in personal security, the time i spend at home is split between family and my second wife my pc where from time to time i stream on twitch or youtube but this is not and advert for my stream so you will have to do some work to find out my channel :).

My Character background if you can be bothered to read it and im not going to apologise for bad grammar or spelling im a worker not a professor of english.

My name is Deacon Mullen before the outbreak i worked in the shipping yard in Dover on the south coast of the United Kingdom. I was responsible for loading and off-loading freight from one of the most down trodden rust buckets in the ocean the Russian vessel VLADIMIR, Yeh thats right giving the vessel a name like that you would have thought the Russian captain would have some pride in it, but unfortunately for us his pride rests in the bottom of a vodka bottle most days. When the outbreak started we where in the port of Dunkirk on the north coast of France of loading a supply of tech goods that we had sailed from japan. The captain got a call to off-load all cargo and head to Vyborg port and pick up aid and military supplies as well as personnel and take them to the small port of Berezino just north east of the town. Unfortunately for us our captain is less that a capable seaman and run us ground just north up the coast from our destination and unfortunately thats all i remember as when i woke up from that crash everything was a mess and on fire. I really need to start looking for other survivors from the crash as i dont know what the hell is going on here or why we had to bring this stuff it was a need to know basis and unfortunately i didnt need to know. Well now i do so i think its time to head of and find people and find out what the hell is going on. If you find this letter please send it to this address for my wife and kids. 335 Ramshackle Lane Dover DO1 3HJ My wifes name is Karen and my 3 kids are Sandy Liconln and Lucion.

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Welcome to the DayZRP community!

I hope you enjoy yourself.

I look forward to meeting you in-game, you backstory is very interesting :)

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Hey man, welcome!

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Heyyy welcome to the community! <3

If you haven't yet I'd recommend taking a look at the FAQ and Newcomer Guide for some great tips to help get you started!

Also, you can speak to any Community Helper to explain any questions you have through a private message or the "questions" section of the forums. A nice little list of these awesome people can be found HERE.

You can also use the Teamspeak's Help Desk to talk to someone in staff if you would like to actually talk to someone. You can find the link to our Teamspeak under the "community" tab.

Hope you have a great time here, and look forward to meeting you! Hearts! <3

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