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Cpt MacMillan

The Others Radio Thread [Open Frequency]

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*Brutus climbs the large radio tower, hoping the height will help with the range of his radios signal, he hangs off

it, one arm around the cold steal with his foot firmly placed a horizontal bar going across.*

Brothers and sisters of the Sanctuary, this is Brutus. I am still alive and

I hope many of you are as well. Ive lost count of the weeks since

the war, if you are hearing my voice, our new Sanctuary awaits us. I managed to pick up

a signal from our brother Jim. Though I have still to find his whereabouts. Brother Cepko has made it. We are together.

It is time to rebuild our lives, if you are out there, let it be known.

*He hesitates for a moment before speaking again*

For anyone out there who is lost, and who is cut from the same ilk as me and my brothers and sisters, a new home

and purpose awaits you. I'm not going to pretend we are good people, even before our world was turned into

this great wasteland, because we are not. A Sanctuary and new purpose awaits you. Find me.

*The radio cuts off, Brutus makes his descent.*

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*Brutus uses duct tape to hold down his PTT for the last time, he speaks.*

To any of those still surviving that were apart of the Sanctuary in Kyzyl, this is Brutus. I am going away.

Forever. The reasons are not important. I hope you are all fine. And Charlie, ki- uh... pretend that you never met me.

I'm sorry!

*He lays down the radio, still broadcasting. You can hear the ocean, and some walking in the shallow water, and then swimming. A few moments and then all that is left is the soothing sound of the water. The radio battery eventually dies.

And then silence*

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