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I got a new pair of trainers (Review of the Nike Air Max 95'S)

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Beni    862

I bought a pair of Nike Air Max from my local JD Today in Manchester, and I've just got to say these shoes are amazing. As I walked in a started to browse the latest shoes and designer things, until eventually.. A light shun through the window, and there they were. I didn't care about the cost.. I knew for a fact that they were the pair of trainers for me... So I had them bagged up and I went home.

As soon as I walked through the door, I took my old Air Max 90'S off and put on my new Air Max 95'S... It felt like I had just loss all of my weight and I was floating in the air. 

At the time my Sister and Brother were in the house... My brother just gazed at me and gave me a wink, I knew what I had to do. Suddenly I pounced into action, I dropkicked my sister into the fridge and DDT'D My brother. Then I did a 3000M run in about 15 Seconds.. I would definitely recommenced these trainers.


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Jamie    1414

We have a thread dedicated to shoes which is located here.


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