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Quick RP Question regarding Instruments?

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I was just curious if there was any potential RP manner to bringing small instruments IE: Ukuleles or Guitars and playing them in a RP sense.

I just want to play my Ukulele when I am around a campfire, how would i go about doing this with no physical representation in game.

(No soundboards they're annoying)

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If you'd like to roleplay that you have a music instrument ingame, you can use text chat to "emote" your character playing said instrument.

Emoting is a popular way of expressing emotions and other actions not possible through the regular game functions.

An example of this would be: "*Takes his ukulele from his backpack and starts to play*." 

It's good to surround the emote with an asterisk (*) to indicate that it is an emote.

If you so wish you can then play music through VOIP, so long as it isn't trollish or unrealistic. 

With the above said, I will /solve this question. If you need any more help, feel free to contact a community helper.

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I once saw a video in the Report section where a guy was proleplaying a piano and blasting piano Music through his mic'. The Moderators, GameMasters, Administrators, did not mention this. Assumingly since it wasn't annoying enough to qualify as 'trolling' and was in a roleplay context you are allowed to send Music through your mic'. - But it has to be done realistically. If you examply want to sing a song but want to use the original singers voice you can't use the backround Music since that'd mean that your character somehow made instrumental sounds by speaking. If you want to play a Guitar or Ukulele you'd have to use it in the correct roleplay context.

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This is an example of myself and Chief playing live instruments in game around a campfire with others. I am playing the guitar with him adding in his harmonica. It often adds to the atmosphere and if you can do it WELL, I would encourage it if it's in context. Don't be absurd with it and run into the middle of a group playing the instrument.


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