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An explosion of awesome? Maybe chaos... maybe awesome chaos...

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So, been with you guys for a month or so. Let me start by saying I love the place. Bought the game years ago, would play for awhile, then get sick of it. I'd take a few more months, then jump back on, play for awhile, try to make friends get sick of the constant KoS, break my keyboard, go away for a couple more months. Then I joined this community and it's been the best DayZ experience I've had. 

Usually you'd see maybe 20 people online at a time, be like "oh, I'll probably run into someone to rp with! Yeah, gonna be awesome." But since .60 and the addition of the third server, the amount of forum members, people on ts3, and people ig have exploded! I'm talking 40-60 people to a server in all three servers almost constantly. I thought it might die down after a few days of the new stable, but I've been pleasantly disappointed.

Is it because of .60? Is it because the cap was raised to 60? The third server? Shit has gone bananas, and I kinda like it.  I mean, just having 60 players on raises the possibilities for rp, internal conflict, large scale groups, and now that the rendering issues are fixed I can actually make it look pretty...

What are you all thinking will change? I mean, the numbers are selling, sure, we'll have a turnover rate, but I'm pretty t excited to see what's coming.

What y'all excited for?

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Castiel    1124


YouTubers brought the new players, 0.60 brought back the old members. Just so happens it all went down in the same week.

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I like it. More peeps, more RP opportunities. It does get kinda interesting that most of the new influx haven't allied with any groups, which makes for even more encounters because they're all moving in dozens of singles or pairs instead of one large group.

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Cow    0

Things factor in to expanding the current server ratio amount of players.


Unbanned players.

Players coming back to the community for .60.

Youtubers come/being brought/attracted to the community.

People always joining.

All these things coming together.

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