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My Attempt at Desolation Lore

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Thread summary

- Before the outbreak

1. - The first two weeks

1.0 - Day 1 Patient Zero

1.1 - Day 2 Infection

1.2 - Day 3 Wildfire

1.3 - Day 4 Fear

1.4 - Day 5 Chaos

1.5 - Day 6 Intervention

1.6 - Day 7 Collapse

1.7 - Day 8 Pandemic

1.8 - Day 9-13 Apocalypse

1.9 - Day 14 Silence

2.0 - Summary of lore details


Before the outbreak

Before the outbreak, the world was essentially our world. Yes, this statement confuses some, but to put it more clearly: Real world lore mirrors our own world with the sole exceptions of the arma2 incidents in Chernarus and Takistan.

This means things like Barack Obama is/was the president of the United States, there was a financial crisis, Putin is/was leading Russia, Iphones are still highly overrated and the PC is still superior to consoles etc etc.

The only addition is the 2009 crisis, which resulted in a chedaki uprising against the Chernarus goverment in the province of South Zagoria. How did this all end? The americans intervened in the conflict, along with the russians, and a spec-ops team called "Razor" succesfully managed to stop the conflict before it got out of hand. (In arma2 lore, this ending is refered to as "The War That Never Was" )

And finally in the summer of 2012, just a mere month before the outbreak, there was an american small-scale intervention in Takistan to overthrow the dictatorship ruling there. It was succesful, and thus its easily theorized that there was still an american military presence in Takistan at the time of the outbreak.

The first two weeks

1.0 - Day 1 JULY 25TH 2012 - PATIENT ZERO

Day 1 of the infection was, to many, a normal day. Not many people first realized this was day 1 of something, but some people started to hear rumours.


The woods of green mountain can be perilous.

The rumours stated that a hunter in Sosnovka had been bitten by another person in the woods near Green Mountain. Since then a search-party had gone out into those woods and looked for this person, in fear that there was a madman on the loose.

The hunter was hospitalized on a clinic in Zelenogorsk, with near life-threatening injuries. Medical staff had managed to stabalize him but he remained in a critical condition.

There wasnt much else circulating that day, but it wasnt until the next couple of days when people started to realize the importance of what had just happened.

1.1 DAY 2 - JULY 26TH 2012 - INFECTION

By day 2 the news had spread outside of South Zagoria and made national news, because the hunter had first "died" in bed and then started to attack and bite several clinic staff. One nurse was severely injured, but a local policeman shot the hunter before he could hurt anyone else.

In a rare interview from those first days, the officer stated: 

"It was horrible. He was chewing on her, litterly trying to eat her alive! I shouted for him to stop but he completly ignored me! I fired in the air, and only then did he lift his blood-covered face and look at me!

He...he let out some beastly howl and started charging me! I had to shoot. I shot him five times and I only slowed him down! Not until I shot him twice in the head did he stop."

The story grew quickly, and hit the blogosphere. Within hours, it was international news, although noone(except the usual zombie fanatics perhaps) were very concerned it was something to truly worry about.

Meanwhile, locals of Sosnovka reported worry that none of the search party that went out to find the man that bit the hunter had returned home.

1.2 - DAY 3 - JULY 27th 2012 - WILDFIRE

July 27th is by most nations actually regarded as day 1, because that's when the "infection" started to surface as a real problem. Until then, the "minor incidents" were thought to just be local and not an issue for concern among nations or people in general.

Day 3 was different in many ways.

First, news media reported large-scale rioting had occured in Zelenogorsk during the night and then later into the morning, with "people acting like rabies-infected dogs". Later in the day there was no contact with Zelenogorsk at all, and the few reports that came in was from the bordering villages of Sosnovka, Drozhino and as far down as Pavlovo. Apparantly the "disease" had reached these villages and civilians had called desperatly saying "people are dying by the hundreds!". Contact was soon lost with many of the police officers in these villages.


CDF forces deploying to South Zagoria.

Now the Chernarussian goverment responded in force. CDF forces were mobilized and within 6 hours they were sent to the entire region. Roadblocks were set in place and entire south-western South Zagoria was sealed off.

1.3 - DAY 4 - JULY 28th 2012 - FEAR

It was already clear in the beginning that the CDF efforts to contain the outbreak had failed. Civilian and police calls came in from all over western South Zagoria. Pushtoshka, Vybor, Myshkino, Rogovo, Pogorevka, Bor, Kozlovka, Kamenka, Kamyrovo and Pulkovo all reported incidents. In all villages except Kozlovka contact was soon lost. 

In Kozlovka, the villagers had rallied and formed an effective militia that combated the infected. Contact with them was kept up and for a long time, they were the best source of information to both media and the goverment on what was actually going on.

That is, until the goverment started to keep a lid on the information was released.

This was quickly noted by the public. Some called it a proper effort to reduce panic. Others blamed the goverment for censorship and that they were trying to hide their own involvement in the outbreak.

Civil unrest in much of Chernarus followed, and it seriously slowed CDF's deployment of reinforcements to the area.

NAPA and other resistance groups started talking about taking to the forests again and doing what they could, or if just to find out what was going on.

By the end of day 4, the story was the main story circulating globally. Titles in media included "Hundreds presumed dead in disease that ravages Chernarus countryside" or "Goverment efforts to slow mystery disease fails in Chernarus". 

There wasnt any global panic yet, but there was a growing concerns amid goverments and the WHO that they were facing another pandemic, but this time much more potent then SARS or the swine flu.


Zombie horde about to descend on the village of Bor.

During the night of day 4, the infection spread quickly. Infected individuals congregated into "hordes" and overwhelmed military units in the field, before they roamed into the countryside and descended upon unprotected villages and towns that in the end only served to swell the size of the hordes. The size of these groups simply proved too much for CDF forces to handle.

1.4 - DAY 5 - JULY 29TH 2012 - CHAOS

Day 5 was generally regarded as the day when things tipped overboard. Some experts think that the situation might have been saved on day 5 if the CDF and international response had been quick and effective enough, but truth be told, it wasnt.

CDF did their best though. Regiment after regiment of the nation's army was sent into the crisis zone. Some emerged in tatters from the infected areas, with horror stories of what had happened. Some were never heard from again.

CDF even tried to deploy armor, which was effective in the beginning, but when CDF supply chains ran low the tanks became stranded. There was even reports of some infected managing to tear open crew doors and get inside, but those were generally disgarded as it would take super-human strength to do. 


CDF Su-25s on route to bomb Vybor. One of the pilots in the picture was infected and accidently flew his aircraft into his wingman only seconds after this photo was taken.

In the end, CDF resorted to sending in their air force to bomb infected villages and towns. This only proved moderatly effective however, as the CDF had a limited number of aircraft and the infection was spreading too fast for them to keep up with.

Information of the disease started to become more and more specific though. The infected, in some circles now called "zombies" or "runners", displayed behaviour very familiar with rabies, just way more deadly.

The newspaper "Novigrad Daily" posted the following information of the infected, using survivor testimonies as sources.

- Any attempt to reason with them is futile. If they hear you, smell you or see you, they charge you and will attempt to bite you.

- Some of the infected just bite and then move on. Some however seems to litterly want to eat the bodies of the fallen. Some of the corpses are eaten until there's just bones left. Some of the bodies however are just "partially eaten" and then they rise again. Roughly 80% of all victims rise and become zombies within 1 minute of their death.

- The disease transfers through bites. There are however reports of unbitten people also being infected, which might indicate that the disease is airborne or travels through surfaces. It might also be food or water-supply related.

- Tanks and airborne assets are so far the only real effective ways to stop the infected. There are reports of thousands of them being killed in this way. It is thus assumed that the death toll is now in the thousands, not in the hundreds as previously stated.

- Bodyshots with low-calibre weapons are highly ineffective. High-caliber weapons do the trick, but the infected are difficult to hit due to their erratic running patterns. According to soldiers in the field, they often zick-zack and run very fast.

Headshots bring them down, but they are difficult to do.

Similar stories soon aired in other media, with some even outright calling the infected "zombies". The story was out globally, but most civilians in other countries considered it a local problem and not something that directly threatened or concerned them.

These stories did not help stop the panic that now erupted in Chernarus. Civil unrest peaked. Stores were looted, anarchy erupted into the streets. The president was moved from Novigrad to an unknown location, while the remaining CDF reserves and the police struggled to maintain control of the rest of the country.

1.5 - DAY 6 - JULY 30th 2012 - INTERVENTION

DAY 6 was known to many chernarussians as "the day the foreigners thought they could do better."

The infection spreads like a wildfire during the night of day 5, and envelops the NWAF and entire central south Zagoria. Cases are started to be reported on the outskirts of Berezino and Chernogorsk, and the NEAF is generally regarded as the only airfield still in control by CDF forces. Air assets are lost en masse as the infected take NWAF and Balota, with huge CDF casualties in the process.

Now however the international community intervenes. International forces from many countries, including France, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Germany, Poland, Italy and Canada, as well as some others, swarm the countryside of South Zagoria.

The american base on Utes, being kept as a base for a local garrison ever since the 2009 incident, is used to launch air assets and an aggressive campaign against the infected.


US Special forces being deployed near Novy Sobor.

This "international task force" however is relativly small, just roughly a thousand men and women, and it has been put together in a mere few days to handle the outbreak, an outbreak the international community still believes is a limited disease that can be easily contained. Despite the countless complications, this task force is initially effective.

NWAF is briefly reclaimed by french and american forces, and elsewhere in South Zagoria the international task forces manages to give the infection a moment of pause.

Russia also intervenes, although separatly from the international task force. They send a few dedicated special forces units over the border to help contain the outbreak, and these units participate in some of the heaviest fighting in the northern part of the province.


Russian Spetz Natz fighting near Lopatino. The photographer was killed in the battle and the pictures were salvaged by one of the surviving russian soldiers whom sold it to the press.

WHO(World Health Organisation) sends inspectors to the country in an effort to find what caused the disease and where it came from, and for a moment, media and the world seems to think the threat is largely dealt with.

Surely the gathering of the military might from some of the most powerful nations on earth can stop the disease?

To take further safety measures, the entire province of South Zagoria is quarantined by joint russian and CDF forces. Lingering animosity since the 2009 incident complicates the cooperation however, and some question how effective the quarantine actually is.

1.6 - DAY 7 - JULY 31ST 2012- COLLAPSE

It had now been a week since the first report of patient zero, and the efforts by WHO investigators to track down the source of the outbreak fails. The region around green mountain and Zelenogorsk is so heavily infested with infected that the international task force fails to establish security effectivly for the WHO investigators, and as a result the operation ends in a failure with almost all investigators and escorts killed.

The night of day 6 and the morning of day 7 sees some of the heaviest fighting between zombies and military forces in South Zagoria. Despite the military efforts, the infection spreads to almost all of south Zagoria. 


Zombies having overrun the center square of Chernogorsk during the night. The photographer is unknown.

The capitol of the province, Chernogorsk, sees some of the heaviest fighting in the outbreak. The city is shelled and the task forces send in a lot of manpower, but urban conflict against the infected proves a near hopeless task and the city falls with massive casualties to CDF and international forces.

On the morning of day 7, only Elektrozavodsk, Msta, Kamyshovo and Solnichiy are unaffected and have no reported cases. Refugees are pouring in from all over South Zagoria both to these areas and to the west.

Some try to flee north, but are met by massive russian forces guarding the border. Noone is allowed in or out, the russians even deny "allied" air assets to fly over their territory.


Russian forces on the northern border of Chernarus on day 7. These russian troops were ordered to hold position to maintain the quarantine, despite the heavy casualties of allied troops just a few kilometers from their position.

Although the efforts to kill the infected has proved largely succesful due to a combined deployment of armor and air, the scope of the outbreak starts to overwhelm most foreign units in the field. The infection also hits their own ranks. Infected pilots crash helicopters and airplanes. Infected are seen tearing into APCs and vehicles, soldiers panic and fire on each other. As well disciplined and well trained these soldiers were, they were not prepared to have to fight their own friends when they were bitten or infected, not to mention having to face undead monstrosities in hordes of the thousands.

CDF forces disintegrate into almost nothing, and most other countries fall back to the south-eastern corner of South Zagoria.

These news however do not immidiatly meet the media, because the only news outlets reaching the public are in Elektrozvadosk and Solnichiy, and they are being scrambled and activly jammed to prevent panic from reaching.

People try to evacuate(intentionally trying to violate the quarantine), but panic erupts and hundreds people are lost in accidents, panic and friendly fire in these evacuations.

The docks in Elektrozavodsk and Solnichiy are overwhelmed with people trying to board boats to flee the infected, now encroaching on the remaining "untouched" territory. Soon the first cases are reported in the remaining villages and cities, and total chaos ensues.

Meanwhile, it becomes clear the south zagorian - Chernorussian quarantine fails, as cases are reported all over central Chernorussia.

A few cases are also reported in southern russia, but russian officials flatly deny this in the media.

At the end of day 7, the amount of communication from allied forces in South Zagoria has dropped sharply, as most units has collapsed in the field. One of the last statements comes from a major Tyler of the US expeditionary force, that he's pulling his troops back to Utes.

His last statement heard over radio is "God be with you all."

In a Chernarussian TV channel however there are reports that there are scattered incidents where people that have been bit have not turned. Doctors and scientists are trying to figure out of a "cure" can be made from these "immune" individuals, but an official states that it could take months of work, as they do not fully understand the virus yet. Also, he says, it is important to note that even if "immune", the infected will still very much try to kill you.

1.7 - DAY 8 - AUGUST 1ST 2012 - PANDEMIC

Survivors are still trapped all over South Zagoria. Some have isolated themselves in their homes or taken to the woods. Some have taken shelter with the few remaining enclaves of military forces in the province. The fact that many of these have radios or communication equipment capable of listening in to the broadcasts is the only reason many of them know what is going on outside the province after day 8.

The infection continues to spread at a rate that puzzles global experts. Entire Chernarus is now put under lockdown, with more foreign assets being deployed. Russia and Takistan deploys large units along their borders to maintain safe borders and to prevent the infection from spreading, leaving Chernarus to its fate.

Central chernarus is overwhelmed quickly, with barely any remaining CDF forces capable of resisting the infected. The reserves are quickly overrun and in the middle of the day, the first cases are reported in Novigrad, the capital of Chernarus. Mass panic erupts and people try to flee the country. Most are stopped however by the foreign military quarantine gripping the country.

But it is too late. New cases are cropping up in Takistan, and southern Russia are swamped with so many reports that the media can barely keep up. Even the russian goverment officials are no longer denying that the quarantine has failed.

At this point, the story is the main news worldwide, but many are still unaware of the true nature of the disease. Most believe it is still something on par with Sars or the swine flu, and they are caught offguard by the brutality of the infection.

Previously thought to be a Russian-Chernarussian problem, Cases are now starting to be reported in weird places. Goa in India, Tokyo in Japan, Edmonton in Canada, Hamburg in Germany, Bergen in Norway, Cairo in Egypt and Rio the Janeiro in Brazil. It is clear the infection is now spreading through commercial airline routes from Russia and Takistan, and despite efforts to ground flights, new clusters of infected emerge at an alarming rate around these new hotspots. 

The world's militaries and health departments organise a swift response, in coordination with the WHO, to isolate these new pockets of infection. But somehow, the infection continues to spread.

Meanwhile in South Zagoria, an eerie silence settles. A few remaining foreign units are still fighting in pockets of resistance in the province, but most people have perished or gone into hiding.


To the people trapped in South Zagoria, there is limited information about these days. What is known is coming in from desperate news reportings across the globe. Across europe reports are coming in of how the quarantines have failed and how many new hotspots are emerging all over the continent. From the Americas and Asia the reports are similar, with sometimes extreme measures taken to try and isolate and contain the outbreak. 

As the days go by, the reports are further and further between, describing an increasily deteriating situation. In Pakistan, there's reports of nuclear warheads going off. In Canada, Scandinavia and Russia there's reports of people taking to the wilds to escape the urban centers, that are gradually turning into death traps despite the best efforts of the local militaries.

Russia goes dark on day 9, in the sense that all outgoing media reports cease to exist. In one single day, it is as if the entire country is holding its breath. 

On day 13, among the last media reports to reach South Zagoria, there's reports that the infection has reached the middle east, Africa and Australia, thus effectivly having spread to the entire world.

Media expert commentaries are stunned at the spread rate. Normal quarantine protocols prove ineffective, and previously contained outbreaks appear to fail as the outbreak mysteriously spread. 

Meanwhile, the virus itself fails all attempts of a scientific analysis, and the WHO issues a statement, one of the last messages to reach South Zagoria from the outside world: "We do not know what this is. We have never ever seen anything like it. Therefore, it can take months, if not years, before sufficent research has been conducted in order to create a cure or vaccine."


On day 14, there is silence across most of the broadcast waves. A few select people still have contact with others, but to most people the radio is eerie quiet. Wether that is because the communication infrastructure is broken down or offline, because of jamming or because noone is longer broadcasting is unknown.


Few survived. Fewer still will endure. 

The last transmission heard on most common radio devices is a statement from a survivor in Kozlovka. 

"Brothers and sisters, the world may have ended, but we will not end with it! Rise and fight these foul hordes, for they are no longer our fellow humans! Throughout history humanity has always persevered the steepest challenges. We will survive this as well, but only if we fight for our survival!

May god be with you! And if god isnt, for it is clear he no longer thinks much of the earth, then may luck and perseverance be with you. We will all need it to endure what comes."

2.0 - Summary of Lore details

The following is the summary, which basicly lists all the main plot details and points you might find interesting.

- The infection is global, which means it has spread to most if not all countries in the world. The exact state of all of these countries is unknown, due to a lack of communication with them.

- The infection kills in 6-8 hours. Sometimes this timer is way shorter, depending on how you got infected and how much of the virus got into your bloodstream. 

Once dead, it reanimates you within a minute. 

- The infection primarily spreads through bites, but it can also spread through infected water, food or possibly even touch. It is unknown just how effective Fomites(objects capable of transfering the disease) is in spreading the infection, but there are recorded cases of it happening. Once in your bloodstream, you qualify as fully infected.

- There is no known cure. 

- Chernarus was isolated and quarantined once the international task force was defeated in south Zagoria.

- The infection started on July 25th 2012. Up until that point, the world lore was identical to our real world, with the exceptions for the events in 2009 in Chernarus, and 2012 in Takistan.(Both Chernarus and Takistan are fictional countries)

- Tanks were effective against the undead, but once swarmed, there were reported cases of zombies managing to get inside, some by somehow managing to open the reinforced doors. (I realize this is a MASSIVE stretch of realism, but its the only way I could see them defeat armor without making the virus airborne)

- The "UEF"(Utes Expeditionary Force) is actually an older american garrison stationed on the island of Utes since the 2009 crisis. Ever since the apocalypse, they've been running Utes as a relativly safe colony of the coast of Chernarus.

- Some humans are immune to the virus. This immunity is fairly rare. This means they cannot get infected or rise as a zombie. Since most survivors in dayZ gets pummeled and bitten on a daily basis by the zombies, they can generally be assumed to be immune. The zombies will still very much consider you dinner, even though you might be immune.

- The CDF were largely destroyed, and only recently has a fraction of the CDF emerged as a part of the staff faction.

- The infection spread rapidly once the Chernarus quarantine failed, so fast that it puzzled most experts. In 14 days most survivors lost contact with the outside world. That doesnt mean there werent survivors or even nations still fighting the infection in the outside world however. The loss of contact could be for many reasons.

- The ingame time is the same as the RL time. In dayzRP it is now the 5th of November 2016, and ingame it is the 5th of November 2016. It has been over a year since Patient Zero.

Complete Credit for this Goes to Tomeran. Why we wern't using this in the first place Beats me!

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Isn't this identical to DayZ SA lore? What has been changed?

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Mind you, The dates still need a bit of work, but never the less. This was Mod's Lore, and for a server trying to replicate the good old days of Mod, I think this is a good start.

Isn't this identical to DayZ SA lore? What has been changed?

This is Tomeran's Lore that he put into place. Found Here

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Isn't this identical to DayZ SA lore? What has been changed?

This is Tomeran's Lore that he put into place. Found Here

Then.. it's not your attempt at the lore?

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Ok, but why use this? We already have a perfectly fine lore for Chernarus region as defined for standalone that everyone is already familiar with. Both games use the same map and the same theme. Why go back and use the old mod lore? Wouldn't it be difficult for players to familiarize themselves with this new lore and then find it difficult to keep track of which stuff happened in SA and which in Desolation and not confuse the two together when playing on either of the servers?

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Isn't this identical to DayZ SA lore? What has been changed?

This is Tomeran's Lore that he put into place. Found Here

Then.. it's not your attempt at the lore?

If you would have read the thread, I give complete Tomeran. By saying My Attempt, I was saying it was My Suggestion.

Ok, but why use this? We already have a perfectly fine lore for Chernarus region as defined for standalone that everyone is already familiar with. Both games use the same map and the same theme. Why go back and use the old mod lore? Wouldn't it be difficult for players to familiarize themselves with this new lore and then find it difficult to keep track of which stuff happened in SA and which in Desolation and not confuse the two together when playing on either of the servers?

If we are trying to recreate the Mod Atmosphere, we should use the Mod lore. I don't know of many players who use the same SA characters as they do Desolation Characters.

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I know I'm not a mod kid or anything but how is this going to help the atmosphere or get population up? Unless we make two different whitelist for both servers most people are just going to read the one that they are required to (StandAlone lore.) So in the end you would still just have a bunch of people running around thinking it was SA Lore making the server RP even more unorganized. I have nothing against what Tomeran has made but I see a lack of reasons to switch back to it.

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