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A Happy-Yet-Depressed Note [Open Frequency]

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*Nick sits next to a pump, filling up a cooking pot. He is depressed, but he is kind of relieved at the same time.*

"Things will never be as they were. I think that this truly is an apocalypse, and possibly not the last one coming. I do think humans will make it through, though. We're too resilient, even when we're killing each other at the worst times. I just killed two men. One held a gun at me while the other tied me. He stabbed me, after I was tied, and so I fought, and got really, really lucky. I am glad to be alive; I want to stay that way. I wish I hadn't had to kill those two, though. Even if they were evil, I feel like there are few enough humans as it is, nowadays... Such is life.

The reason I am saying all of this, is because... Even though I wish I hadn't killed them, and even though it was necessary and I feel guilt... I enjoyed it. That scares me. Does anyone have any advice?"

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*Fred hears the man's voice through the radio. He gets up and walks over to the table where the radio was resting, picks it up, and holds down the PTT button*

"Well, umm...listen here, sir...I agree with you that times are tough, and that we will make it through this. That much I am certain about..."

*Fred considers what to say. He remains silent for a few moments  before resuming*

"As for killing people...its not fun. Never was, is, or will be. Not for me, at least. However, we need to come to the understanding that if someone threatens your life unjustly, you have every right to kill them. I think the 'Joy' you are feeling is the rush of adrenaline and other stuff in your blood. Your brain realized that you just did a god-awful thing, which is killing someone, so it gets you on some sort of an emotional high. Feelings get confused, and you might mistakenly think that you have enjoyed it, but thats your brain preserving its sanity. Its a good sign, however, as it means that you arent a psycho, like many people here. The key element is you feeling guilt..."

*Fred coughs as old memories come back to him. He shakes them off*

"I have killed quite a few people in the past... Each one of them was a murderer, a criminal that committed crimes beyond your imagination. Despite knowing that, I still felt guilty after killing those people. As long as you feel that guilt in you, you dont need to be scared. Just listen to it. Its your human instinct speaking"

*Fred releases the PTT button*

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Kirill listenes to the broadcast and smiles. He decides to answer.

You are right. We won't make it trough. This is the end for humanity. And don't feel sorry for killing those guys. Many more people will die...

A brief laugh can be heard before the transmission ends. While putting the radio back to his pocket, he mumbles to himself: 

"Feeling guilty for killing some duraki. That mudak should be glad, he still lives..."

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"Yo, Creep Show. I said we would manage to make it through. Lighten up your murder-y vibes, too. You sound cheesy; if you want to be intimidating, speak little and say things to chill the spine. You just made me snort-laugh into my canteen."

*Nick laughs maniacally, ending the transmission halfway through his giggle fit.*

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