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Tyler Bernard's Journal

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I've never been good at these things please no hate.

[align=left]Date: March 21st, 2016

[align=left]So today me and someone I would like to call my best friend in the apocalypse , Liam Fisher ,did a  little recon/spying on our boss, Johnny Robinson.  He had a  meeting with our business partners, Sue Summers and Cid Owen.  We wouldn't have followed him, but it was a little strange he never does business outside town and if he does he brings people.  There meeting lasted about an hour and came to a close in a weird way when a guy came up to them saying he was looking for Sasquatch and if they have seen him.  I hope nothing super big is happening and we don't know about it yet.

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March 29th, 2016

So its been a few days and a lot has happened sense then.  Ill start off on the 22nd, It was a pretty normal day until the night around 8:30 when Johnny came up to me and said he needed to bring me to a meeting saying that its going to be a special night for me.  I thought that this might mean im getting moved up in the ranks but i would shortly find out that i would be held hostage by some of the people i trusted the most.  They brought me to a house that looked a lot like a pub but i really wasnt sure.  They brought me into a back room and then 2 of the guys came in and started questioning me.  I really didnt understand what they were on about until they called in the Lady.  Now this lady is one of the people that terrifies me the most in this world.  She started about what they wanted to know but i was still a little lost and scared.  She pulled out one of  her many knifes and set it on the back of my neck.  She threatened me that she would start cutting until she got to the nerves.  I then started to realize that the Mafia thought that i might be a snitch.  I started to think some of the names that looked suspicious, but i guess i didnt think fast enough because she started to cut the back of my neck.  The only name i could come up with was Alex Jenkins but they said they already knew that.  Then the man came in and he is the 2nd most terrifying thing in this world.  He was wearing all black and he took over with the questioning.  I took me awhile before i could come up with another name, but after the knife got buried deeper in my neck names came flushing in.  I told them the 2nd guy and they said he did look a little suspicious.  That's when she hit my bone in my back.  I knew i didnt have much time before she hit  nerves so it tried as hard as i could but i couldn't think of another one.  That's when one of the men started helping me a bit.  He said one of the most suspicious guys was the UnderBoss.  Of course i went with it so i could get out of there faster.  They finally said i could go but not before the lady stitched me up like she said she would.  Of course it hurt like hell but i knew we had doctors back in town that could redo them.  Before i got to leave i had a talk with another man who said that if anyone was to go after him, he would gut me and then hang me from my intestines.  This would be the 3rd and finally man i would fear from this group.  As soon as they opened that front door i ran like hell all the way home.

Now i should get onto the rest of the week.  I started to run around in some of the more dangerous places like Stary Sober and Kabino.  Of course after awhile i ran into some hostile figures.  My friend i was running with, Joe Carmine, decided that we might try to rob these to people in a field near Stary.  I really didnt think we needed to but sense he just got robbed he wanted a gun.  We ran up to these two guys and Joe told them to drop there weapons and put there hands up.  They must have not seen Joe behind them and thought it was me talking.  One raised there gun and shot me twice in the chest at close range.  Joe gave him 2 .357 holes in his back.  Joe then got himself some nice holes from the 2nd guy.  Im guessing he ran off cause when i woke up i was laying there with my wounds wrapped and didnt have a single thing.  Joe and I decide that it might be time for us to go into hiding so our friends don't get hurt.  I was up for the plan and i got a little excited when he said we would be going with Sue and Cid.  We met them in the town of Staroye.  I dont know why but i really enjoy being around these guys.  There life style and how they dont really have to worry about a damn thing that comes near them.  I decide that i might aswell get to know them while we travel.  I started talk to Sue a bit more and i think she might like me being around but i cant tell yet.  I never really got to talk to Cid that night it seemed like he was always busy doing something.  We made it all the way to the town of Dubrovka when we decided to set up camp.  

We have decided that were going to stay here for awhile.  Im hoping that i get to stay with these people.  Ever sense the Mafia ive been looking for a real family like these people have.

Thanks for Reading

Please tell me how i can 

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