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Surviving Man

Linus Carter - Prelude 'Of course it's clowns.'

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Linus Carter - Prelude: 'Of course it's clowns.'

Food, water, shelter, don't get shot. Stay clear of people, don't get shot. Don't turn into a fucking zombie.

Linus had been lucky to get this far, he knew it - and he wasn't going to do anything to compromise that. He kept to himself and only ventured when he needed to - but nothing stays hidden forever...

A search for supplies gone wrong landed him trapped in a storage unit with twelve living impaired outside the doors desperately trying to get in and free Linus of his flesh. No light in the unit except a box of matches to illuminate the would-be coffin. Linus counted the bullets in his pistol over and over - seven. It was always seven. Lucky fucking seven.

This wasn't good.

The sound of undead screams rose suddenly and then... silence.

The doors rattled, Linus readies his pistol counting the bullets for a final time - six for them, one for him.. Or seven for him and he'll call it a day right here and now.

The door clicked and then began to open and light began to pour into the unit.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE MOTHERFU-" Linus screamed but was cut off by a blinding light.

"Hey buddy, lower the weapon. Brian, turn that light off." a voice said, calmly and confidently.

Linus unshielded his eyes and was speechless at the sight before. 'Are you fucking kidding me.' he thought to himself - he wasn't even going to comprehend what was about to happen - consciously anyway. Images of torture flashed through his mind as he looked across the group of strangers, all wearing very eccentric masks.

"Hello!" a voice beckoned with a charisma that only worsened Linus' fears.

"Ever thought of running away the joining the circus, ol' friendo?" said what seemed to be the Head Clown... or Chief Clown - Linus wasn't sure the details of clown hierachy... If that was a thing.

"N-No?" Miles said with such hesitation if it were he were trying to retract his every word.

"Well we've got two positions available, Trainee Clown or... Pin Cushion." the voice continued

"Pin Cushion?"

"Truth be told it was initially an attempt to turn this man into some sort of echidna or porcupine... but... y'know."

The clowns stepped aside to reveal a man tied up and with at least dozen sharpened sticks, syringes protruding from his body.

Linus tried in vain to contain himself - he cleared his throat and spoke;

"Honk honk?"

The men in the clown masks all nodded...


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It was good :D a little tense too quickly but good

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Good read man:) glad to see you wrote another story and plan on playing a new character

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Honk Honk?

HeHe :)

Good read man, keep it up!

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Ah man, that ending lol. Pretty good, looking forward to reading more.

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are you planning of writing more to this?

Definitely, this is a pre-chapter that sets the scene for any following chapters.

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