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I'm lost [Open Frequency]

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*Stiles sits next to a large tree in some over-grown forest, he places his right hand on his pale, worn out face. His eyes have large grey rings around them, his hair is a mess and so he covers it with his black beanie. He is a mess. He places his thumb on the PTT button and begins to speak.*

"Hello? Anyone?"

*He pauses and collects himself, heavy breathing is heard as he swallows.*

"Something bad happened, something to me. They're all gone, it's just me."

*He shuffles a little, but continues.*

"I'm not the same, somethings happening, and I don't think I can fix it. I don't want to be alone again, please."

*The transmission cuts off, a fuzzing sound is heard.*

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*Mellow sits by his tent, scanning through the channel reviver on his radio..., after a few minutes of searching he finds this frequency*

*With a calm spaced voice he responds*

"Hello, i know you don't know me but I've heard a few stories about your endeavours"

*he pauses*

"Stiles Right?, I know you were once the innocent boy you proclaim to be, lets be honest old stiles has gone on holiday for a while"

*you hear a slight chuckle from Mellow*

"Look i know that your a good person, people have driven you down the wrong path, I know you used to help out at camp hope, even help your uncle escape the false claims of zbor. But look if you want to return to your true self them meet me at the scrapyard north of novy, i will take you to my camp and teach you to control your emotion"

*Mellow begins to cough*

"Look boy please just don't talk to anyone until you see me, its up to you don't you want to return to old stiles?. I'll be waiting for 2 hours for the next two days there, when the sun is at its highest, your decision"

*Mellow drops the radio releasing the transmition button, you hear a wizz of air brush past the radio as it falls*

*transmition cuts off*

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*Stiles sits, hearing these words he feels a rush of hope fill his body, in a fast movement of excitement, he grabs his radio and begins to transmit.*

"You can help me? How can -"

*He goes silent, mumbling is heard, Stiles begins to scream!*

"You can't help me! This is who I am, I'm better this way!"

*Silence is heard again, and so is the mumbling, however this time, it is slightly clearer, he mumbles.*

"Wake up! Wake up, Stiles, Wake up!"

*The transmission ends.*

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*Mellow turns on the transmission of his radio*

"Look stiles im sat here by my nice tent with a tape and a cup of hot water"

*he pauses*

"I offered you help, you dnt have to come, i know this is'nt you"


"Just come and you can enjoy the peace of my camp, just for a while it will make you feel better then we will work on you get you back to before...

...I try to help but you people just dont listen, just come"

*Mellow releases the trasnmition button*

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*The night is silent. Stiles sits in the top of a tree now, in some forest somewhere, just before he holds down his transmission button, he scratches his pale forehead, he holds down his PTT button.*

"I'll see what you're all about, just so you know, no one can save Stiles, he's too far gone."

*The person talking is still Stiles, but something is different, he no longer says "I", time is running out.*

"If you can help Stiles..."

*He pauses.*


*The transmission ends.*

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*Anne hears some talking on the radio*

Stiles? You sound messed up. I will find you and try to help you.

Just like I did before. You will get through this, believe me.

And I will help you with it.

*Anne puts down her radio and starts looking for stiles*

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*Cedric listens to the Stiles and the somewhat devious man converse with each other. Crouched down surrounded by bushes and tall grass, overlooking part of the Black Forest through his binoculars. He slowly turns to pick up his radio, making no sudden movements, his eyes still solely focused through the lens of the binoculars... He holds down the PTT button.*

"You're a killer Stiles..."

*Releasing the PTT button, he slowly places his radio back on the ground. Still gazing through the binoculars he fails to hold back a wide unsavoury grin on his face.*

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*Stiles sits in his tree, the word killer causes him to smile for a second, it sounds so sweet. However, several seconds pass and those words ring in his ears, for he remembers somebody who would say the same, word for word. His heart sinks into his stomach, he holds down his PTT button and says:

                              "I knew this wasn't over, I knew this wasn't over..."

*His tone changes once more, from this timid, scared teen to a dark emotionless voice, still sounding like a teenage boy*

"Let the games begin."

*The transmission ends.*

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*Bliss joins the Frequency*

"Hello. May I ask you for witnesses? Because I cannot believe this. He sounds young and I just don't believe he could kill someone."

*Pulls a lighter out of his pocket and lights a cigarette*

"He's not a man! He's just a fucking child. You should stop. I don't know who you are, but believe me. I'm capable of finding you..."

*Shot in a back ground and transmission ends*

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*Surprised by the response, he puts down the binoculars and picks up the radio. Pausing for half a minute to think about his next move. He plans the words in his head, nods to himself and holds the PTT button with anticiaption.*

"Hmm... games? I'm playing right now, a game of chess, and it's my move... *A 3 second pause* I have a game in mind, its a little more accustom to your age. How about Hide & Seek? I'm counting... go hide."

*Releases the PTT button and once again fails to hold back a smile.*

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*Luka merely listens to the exchanges, she chooses not to respond for a long while after the radio goes silent before finally pushing down the transmit button.*

"Stiles, if you're needing some assistance, do let me know darling. I don't like people who bully my friends, so I'd happily join in on this 'hide and seek' that this man seemingly wants to play so badly. "

*She then releases the transmit button and continues to drive down the coast.*

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*Mellow holds down the transmition of his radio*

"You games man, come see me, you probably already know where i will be, judging by your knowledge"

*Mellow take a second to think*

"So look i want to know everything, if i am going to help this 'kid' then i need to know everything that has happened and not from his eyes, kids can be deceiving"

*Mellow begins to pace around his camp-site*

"so what do you say, games man"

*Mellow releases the transmition button and perches by his tent, waiting for a response*

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*Stiles considers meeting with Mellow, just before he can make a decision, voices are heard again, he listens closely, he listens to the Mellow's response, to the now, more dangerous man, feeling both paranoid and un-easy, he picks up his radio.*

"I want to trust you, I want help but-"

*He pauses and whispers to himself, he then pulls the radio closer to his mouth and says.*

"You two sound awfully friendly, maybe not."

*The transmission ends*

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*Mellow Returns communication with haste, pushing down the transmition button*

"Look kid, i can help ... i'm not going to mutter on about how but trust me"

*Mellow takes in a deep breath*

"i just need to know exactly what im dealing with, ummm, the more information i can get, the more i can help"

*Mellow pauses*

"Look just come, i will help"

*Mellow ends the transmition*

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*After hearing these words, Stiles manages to take control for a few minutes, he quickly pushes down his PTT button and begins to respond.*

"OK, OK. What you've heard and what has happened are two completely different things, I want your help, but-"

*Stiles tenses up and tries to spit out the words.*

"This, 'games man' - this has happened before, and I have a bad feeling that this man ten times more dangerous"

*He stops, inhales and mutters*

"If -  he wants to come - please, no, - then let him come."

"Maybe it's time he see's how Stiles - I want your help - NO!"

"Maybe, it's time he see's how Stiles does things."

*The transmission ends.*

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*Mellow returns conversation with stiles*

"Hey look here, dont go pointing fingers, its bad for someone in your condition"

*he pauses*

"just relax, head over to the scrapyard"

*he takes a deep breath*

"ill talk to the games man, sort things out"

*Mellow releases the transmition button on his radio*

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*Cedric smirks at the naivety of the invitation to meet. He holds down the PTT button.*

"I welcome anybody to join our game... The more players there are, the more losers to fall. Frankie lost his game, and the winner has stayed on. I'll be seeing you... Game on."

*Cedric releases the PTT button but keeps hold of the radio anticipating a quick response.*

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*Mellow pickes up his radio once again*

"Games man are you still here?"

*Mellow sits and waits for a response*

*Mellow returns to the radio, before stiles can jump into retaliation*

"Look here, 'Games man' i tell you leave him a while, let me at him"

*mellow begins to cough*

"just give me a chance, maybe there is yet a good man in stiles yet to be released, he is immature, young"

*Mellow pauses*

"i will teach him, i assume you will be watching. But just be were no one knows me i am a man who lives in shadows...

... let me just tell you i have people everywhere, i know more than you can imagine"

*Mellow pauses again*

"be warned"

*Mellow cuts of the transmition*

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*Hearing the name Frankie, he jumps up, he knew all along that this wasn't over, and he was right.*

"Look, man, the one who's trying to help me, you can't help me, these men, they don't play fair, I'm not pointing fingers, Frankie hurt me first, and something tells me this man will do the same, however, this time, things aren't going to go my way, please."

*He twitches and a single tear falls down his face, he snaps.*

"You go to him, Stiles won't trust you, he wants to, he really wants to, but these men get what they want, and if you converse and live to tell the tale, you might be one of them."

"Nothing personal, just survival."

*The transmission ends.*

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Hope sits by the side of a red brick house, listening over the conversation before butting in. She sighs, lifting the radio from the ground and purposely switching the PTT on a continuous transmission; the soft British accent of the doctor comes through.

"Gentlemen, if I may interrupt. Stiles is a good friend of mine. We've had our ups and downs and... Well I believe I'm more entitled to help him out like the rest of you fine men. However I believe I can help him physically with his sleeping habits using the wonderful creation of legal drugs. That doesn't mean to say I'm against any illegal drugs so please, anyone listening do not twist my words."

She speaks to the radio as if she was in front of Stiles.

"Stiles. A quick reminder for you to take a few deep breaths, I would want you to meet a friend of mine. His name is Liam, I'm not expecting you to be best friends but more on the same page. It is better when two people dealing with somewhat the same problem can talk to each other and understand the basis of what they're going through hence more easier for me to help the two of you too. Plus this will also help me when I go to Russia in the next few days, as I have been planning. I'm expecting a few more drugs and well... placebos as I cannot find any here. This isn't me playing your game but helping both a friend and a client with an illness he is terribly suffering due to the caution of Mr Frankie stalking him, taunting him and harassing him. I mean no offence by this but clear facts and figures from both evidence and words from Mr Frankie's mouth."

She takes a moment to shift in a more comfortable seating position.

"Stiles, talk to me on my more private frequency. We need to talk more further on this issue. Have a nice evening gentlemen, Stiles. Pisces over."

She turns off the PTT and uncaps her bottle of water, opening her mouth and letting it fill her mouth.

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*Mellow holds down his transmition button*

"You see stiles, you wont understand. You will never know"

*Takes a breath*

"I work in the dark, hidden from the preying man, If i go to the man, or not. You will not know"

*Mellow looks around his camp, thinking of a response*

"stiles just come, tomorrow, come meet me, i told you where"

*Mellow places his beaten radio by the tent, waiting for the next response*

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*Stiles listens to Hopes voice, and then Mellow's, he desperatly wants help, but he doesn't know whether to trust the man or not.*

"Hope, I'm listening, I'm listening."

*He pauses.*

"Of-course he's listening, it's all he ever does, listen."

*He jolts backwards, lays in the leaves and his tone is back to normal.*

"I want to trust you sir, but it doesn't make sense, you want to help me, but why? And how can I trust you if I don't know whether you're going to meet with the man who wants me dead?"

*He goes back into a more dull tone.*

"This man is no amateur, not like Frankie, he's confirmed hes one of them, so if you meet him, in Stiles' eyes, you're one too."

"If you really want to help him, compromise." 

*The transmission ends.*

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*Mellow returns to the radio, after listening to Pisces response*

"So the famous dr returns to the ever so more hostile life we all lead, well i know who you are, i know a bit more than you may expect...

... put it this way, i umm, slightly admire you"

*Mellow pauses*

"I trust you know how to help him but look, drugs, medicine, they are all well and god but stiles needs to be taken from his environment and doped into a more secluded less ferocious lifestyle"

*Mellow pauses once more*

"I can provide him with that lifestyle, i dont want to take him prisoner, dont get it the wrong way... I can get rid of this aggression he is locking up"

*Mellow ends the transmitin*

*Mellow retaliates to styles response*

"Look kid, Lets be Frank, you dont know if you can, or cannot trust me so take a gamble, risk's control all of our decisions, i can help, i have helped those before, i see potential in you, as i have said ive had tabs on you since your uncles boss give me a heads up"

*Mellow take a breath*

"I will be no stranger trust me"

*Mellow places his radio by the fire, listening for the next response. he wastes no more time and begins to prepare a meal*

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Hope smiles, chuckling to herself before clearing her throat and responding to the anonymous man across the other side of the transmission, her voice calm. Collected. Soft. Relaxing. She replied to the man.

"I understand your concern, I'm sure Stiles feels the same way. I have a few contacts who are willing to help me. Sometimes in a sense people need TLC not being forced to do something against their will. Doing this will only make matters worse. Trust me, I know what I'm doing. Networking is an important matter both in the world we used to live in and now. Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. Not many people care for those who are being affected from the distress which is corrupting their mind mentally from other peoples doing, but please, as I said before and no, I'm not saying this as if my head was up my own you know what but allow me to do the job and other peoples jobs. Pisces over."

She pours the rest of the water on a dry rag, dampening it before patting down her neck and face.

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*Stiles holds down his PTT button, and speaks.*

"Ok, let's talk."

*Transmission ends.*

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