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To anyone and everyone [Open Freq]

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*Glenn pull's out a chair and places his bag on the table examining whats inside and take's out his radio*

"I think I've found hope. Listen... Anyone, there are still good people out there. It's tough out there alone, believe me I know. But having people around you that wont introduce them self by putting a gun to your head. Basically what Im saying is you can make it if you stick together, but only if you stick together..... *sighs* God I just hope this lasts."

*Glenn puts down the radio on the table and sits in his chair with a slight smile on his face before that changes and he begins to sob slightly*

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*The Marshal listened to the broadcast, a look somewhat resembling a grin slowly spreading across his face. He'd heard this voice over his groups radio frequency a few times.*

"Well... I'm glad that you eventually found what it was you were looking for. I hope things continue to go your way..."

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*Glenn hears the response on the radio. He hesitates but eventually pick's up the radio*

As do I.... As do I..... 

*A slight sob can be heard as he takes the radio away from his face before the transition stops*

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*Fred hears the man's transmission and smirks. He picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button. He speaks in a very quiet, raspy voice*

"Heh...I once believed that too. Safety in numbers is definitely something, but more prey attracts more predators; bigger predators. I'd watch my back and be careful who I trust these days. People out there are running around unchecked, and nothing is to stop them from doing anything."

*The bushes behind Fred audibly rustle from the soft wind that just picked up. He quickly glances back to make sure he is alone*

"I tried, and did not find my peace with other people. If you find yours with a group, then good for you...and I hope it lasts for you"

*Fred releases the PTT button, picks up his rifle from the ground, and goes back to walking*

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*Glenn hears the last message and picks up the radio after waiting a few minutes*

I hear what your saying but I think this may be the start of something good for me and its been a long time since ive even got close the thinking that. But yeah... I hope it lasts too.

*Glenn lets out a sigh before ending his message*

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*Ivan decides he's had enough of hearing the same message, and decides to speak up. He presses down on the PTT button and speaks in a low, gravely voice, a bitter note in his tone.*

"Let me ask you something pal. What qualifies as a 'good' person, eh? Tell me, what makes somebody good? And then once you're done telling me that then please, humor me further. What makes somebody bad? Take you're time, I'll be listening."

*Ivan depresses the PTT button and sits his radio on the table in front of him, waiting for a response.*

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*Glenn hears the message and sighs, he thinks for a while and press the PTT button*

"I.. I wish I could tell you." 

*Glenn takes a long pause and static can be heard*

"To me, its just something you know. When you meet someone and spend time with them, the way they act and by what they do. You can just tell."

*Glenn takes a another pause*

"Granted I could be wrong about people... And they probably do have secrets that I may never know of. But you know, its my risk... and ill take it"

*Glenn releases the PTT button and sighs while sitting back in his chair*

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*Ivan's face softens as he listens to the man, not expecting the response he had received. He lets out a quiet, sad sigh and presses down on the PTT button. His voice is just as gravely but his tone has softened. He sounds calm, perhaps with a hint of sadness.*

"Most of the time people are quick to judge. They expect every thief and killer to be a bad person at heart. Most of the time they don't take the time to hear the whole story. Most of the time they simply don't care."

*His voice hardens a bit.*

"Those people can go to hell. Unless they've known struggle, true struggle, they have no right to say whats right and wrong, whats good and bad. We all have our reasons. Sometimes it's simply excuses, but a lot of the time it's true reason.

Experience, nowadays more than ever, is the foundation upon which we build ourselves as people. You learn and you adapt through the things you see and hear, through the acts you've witnessed, and the ideals you've had forced upon your ears. I don't claim to be a saint, I'm not trying to excuse the things I've done, but I won't allow people to stand there and trivialize people like myself based on their shallow understanding."

*His tone relaxes again.*

You don't seem like the others though. I occupy the frequency 89.1 if you feel like talking a bit more. I don't really enjoy speaking for these matters over the public airwaves, for every shithead and his dog to hear. Other than that, take it easy."

*Ivan depresses the PTT button and rests his elbows on his knees, pondering.*

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*Mellow hold down radio transmitin button*

"Hey you, i know you dont know me but im Mellow, you wont know me i stay hidden. In a few months when my camps self sustaining ill be looking for some men like you to help, you know help the vulnerable who are being abused by these large party's"

*Mellow pauses for a second*

"Ill contact you in a few months on this frequency, i hope you leave it on"

*Mellow releases the radio transmition button*

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*Glenn grabs the radio pressing down on the PTT button*

"I may take you up on that at some point and hop onto your frequency. But for now I must rest, I may be in contact soon."

*A sigh can be heard as he pulls the radio away* 

"But no promises, Its hard to make those anymore."

*Glenn releases the PTT button and sits back, thinking...*

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*Stiles listens carefully in on the man's remark, he smirks to himself, he holds his radio in one hand, and his bloodied hunting knife in the other. He holds down down his PTT button and begins to talk.*

"Working together? Ok, let's work together. My name is Stiles Tee, and if you want to work together, let's work together, let's move this conversation to a more private frequency... Face to face."

*He laughs to himself, before talking again he rubs his fingers through his messy quiff, his eyes have grey rings around them, suggesting he hasn't slept well in weeks, his skin is pale, almost completely white.*

"You'll find me in Kab, let's work together."

*The transmission ends.*

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