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KOS rights

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If Group A initiates on me and a friend, and take us away, of course we got KOS rights on them, but if Group B comes along and makes a trade with Group A in order to take my friend with them and torture them etc. do I got rights on them? I mean, techincally they didn't initiate, but same time I was there when they were threatening my friend and are obviously going to harm them. It is bit of a gray zone in my opinion and would just like to clear it up.

I asked a CH and they were saying it is always safe to re-initiate, but that you could argue both points, so I would just like to know what everyone else thinks. Yes or no for KOS rights on Group B.

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Yes you would have KoS rights on group B, but keep in mind that Role play should be your top priority so if you have the opportunity an initiation is always the way to go to further the RP instead of ending it with a bullet.

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As Hebee said, you would indeed have KoS Rights on Group B...

Since Group B is 'buying' your friend, they now have him as a handcuffed individual... a hostage... that they can control and do whatever. You would in-fact have KoS Rights...

The staff member that told you it's safe to re-initiate is also correct. You could do either one, it's up to you. Just know that this is a roleplay community and roleplay is the top priority, not PvP...

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As Hebee said in this particular scenario you would have KOS. However, you need to remember that if this situation in question (the trade) takes place while you are outside of 500 meters, then you would not gain KOS. 

Imagine that you are released and force marched away from the area far enough that you are outside of the 500 meters and then group B arrives, you would not gain KOS on group B, as you are no longer apart of your friends dynamic group.

with the following answers above, I hereby decree this as


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kk thanks for answers

Anytime, if you have any more questions regarding this instance feel free to comment on this or hop in the help desk and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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