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Whitelist Lore Questions

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First, I don't want to overstep or intrude with this question, as it is simply an inquire about the lore questions in the whitelist test.

One of my questions did not have a concrete answer provided in the lore section, moreover it asked a question I was forced to answer with guesswork at best. 

Is there anyway the Lore Section can be adapted to provide reasonable answers to questions required to join this community? It appears a little disheartening when I get one question wrong as the answer wasn't available to be found, and now I have to wait until the following day to re-apply.


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All the answers are inside the lore page, it's there perhaps in fine print but it's there.

If you have any issues with the whitelist you can always just go up to the Helpdesk and request help from a community helper or just PM them.

More than likely, they're going to be more than happy to serve you

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I can assure you that the Lore Section has all the answers you need, no guesswork is required if you read through it and understand it properly. If you'd like to come into teamspeak we can discuss the exact question itself to help you understand better. I suggest reading through the lore page again carefully and making sure you fully understand it. Every answer is there.


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