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Dr. Jon Reck - "Alone"

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Jon leaned back against the wall, the mattress beneath him creaking, while he listened to the sounds outside.  A slight breeze, some insects buzzing about, chain-link fences clinking in the wind, trees rattling.  One time, not long ago, this would've upset him.  Scared him, made him feel alone.  But as of late, loneliness is what he feeds off of.

He had no idea how long its been since he could trust someone.  The last person he remembered talking to that he could trust... DeMonte.. lemons was it his last name?  Just goes to show how long its been.  Weeks, maybe months, had passed since his last visit to the summer camp that had been known as Camp Hope, yet he remembered every detail about it from his time there.  Funny, really, he hadn't spent all that much time there, yet it was more of a home to him than anywhere else in this god forsaken country.

Jon turned up the gas lantern that lit the room, and did a last sweep of the area.  The door was barricaded, the windows still barred, his backpack to his left, his rifle to the right... He almost felt safe.  Almost.  He still had no idea where he was, or how he got here.  Days upon days of hiking without direction brought him to an old rundown town, surrounded by forest and mountain.  He couldn't read the street signs around here anyways, so why bother identifying the place. It was small and secluded enough that he figured it would be of no value to anyone.  There is no real stores or industrial buildings around, nothing that anyone really needs.  It meant he could be alone, and that is what he wanted more than anything.

Jon turned out the lantern and turned over, but sleep couldn't come to him.  Not since... Jon shook the thought from his head, and took a bottle of pills out of his backpack.  Sleeping aids, perks of being a doctor, I guess.  He swallowed two and let the night take him in.

His dreams were that of nightmares, yet nightmares of the past.  His family, his friends, dying in front of him, at his own hands.  Him, holding the very same gun that he... shot that man with.  That very event he tried to turn away from his memories day after day, haunting him in his dreams.  Watching the pain in his family's faces, of dishonour, betrayal, and physical pain blended into one horrible look, the blood come from the very same hole that is now in that mans body, at the top of his head, yet it would never stop pouring out, flooding his dreams until suddenly his entire vision was red.

Jon awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, sweating and shaking.  This same dream, every night, for weeks...

Suddenly, the static from the radio he left on in the corner of the room kicked to life with a familiar voice.  A friendly voice, of that he could trust.  A voice that brought on memories of the camp, of his fellow doctors, and of DeMonte whom he was sure now had the last name Lemons.  He kicked himself out of bed and grabbed the radio.

And suddenly, Jon didn't want to be alone anymore...

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