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The detective

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Chapter 1 "the girl"

November 21st

A year passed since apocalypse started. I was sitting in my office drinking the last bottle of whiskey. I tried to find my cigarettes but remembered that I have a case to solve. Yes... A girl to find. About 1,70, pretty slim, black hair. Thats all I knew about her. Oh. And her name... It was Alexandrea. I didn't have a place to start from, so all I could do is drink. I looked around my office. It had one of these old TV's and a radio. It reminded me of a place where I lived. "New York" I said to myself "How the fuck I ended up in here?". Oh... Right... I thought I could make some sweet money from finding people in here. I mean this "zombie" thing was a huge chance for my eyes. People were getting lost every... Suddenly my thoughts stopped flowing as I heard a scream outside. I carefully sneaked out and saw two men with a bag. I knew one of him. Tall guy, with blonde hair and a scared face. Scared by me. They didn't hesitate and shot at me. "FUCK" I yelled. I looked at my leg. It was bleeding. If they catch me now it's over... I pulled my pistol out and took a few shots at them while crawling away to safety. I couldn't focus. I was scared. Adrenaline started to rush over me and I began to run into the forest.

"I'm safe" I said to myself and pulled out a cig. "Oh for fu.." I complained as i saw a girl "He-llo" she whispered. It was her... Alexandrea.

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