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Jowad Berekdar

Fred's Journal - The new era

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Property of Frederick Berekdar

-To god we belong, and to him we return-

D.O.B: 03/09/1995

Place of Birth: Damascus, Syria

Blood type: O+

Living Relatives: none

Extra info: If I pass out, dont feed me pork or alcohol, OK? Just dont be a dick about it. Adrenaline shot and morphine in top-left vest pouch.

Well...lost my old journal, but who gives a shit. It was badly written anyways. I'm writing this down because...well, because I like to write. Don't judge me. I'm still not completely sure what I'm gonna be putting here, but I guess writing it as a sort of a diary is good for mental health (or so I heard). Plus, my memory is shit -and you already know that- so I'll record very important stuff here. 

At this point, I am going to ask you to kindly close the book and fuck off. Nothing past this point is of your concern. If I am alive, return to me. If I am dead, burn journal -or keep it, if you are clueless about everything and desperately need some info about this world. But then burn it ok?

Journal Entry 1.

[spoiler=Entry 1]

Good fucking morning to me. Been a good night's sleep. Sadly, woke up to realize that rats decided to chew on my map. Out of all the shit you could have fucked up, you HAD to take away my map from me...fucking hell...I'll have to rely on what I remember only, and that isn't much.

Well, at least I know that I'm somewhere in the Northern part of the country, just south of some castle. That's good, because if I am where I think I am, then 1) there is a major road to the North of me, and 2) to my West should be the military airfield. That place is a fuckfest of infected, so I ain't going there again. I'll head North and then East. Some guy on the radio was all alone and wanted company. He said he was by the shipwreck, so I guess I'll stop by...but shit that's a long way to go from here. Anyhow, gotta go find me some water before I dehydrate to death. I should have really kept that second bottle...

Journal Entry 2.

[spoiler=Entry 2]

Well, good news is I found me some water. Filled up the bottle and drank till I almost threw up. Bad news is its night time. I reached the Northern Express (the highway across the North), and I'm heading East. Bloody hell I cannot see shit in this dark...but the light is just enough for me to make my way parallel to the road. 

Oh, if you are reading this, are not me, and are completely oblivious, then here's a tip: Never EVER walk on a road. Always walk inside the treeline parallel to it if available. If not, then just walk where there is the most vegetation.

Anyhow, I've been walking east for about an hour now...not sure though. The place is really empty and quiet. Only ran into one infected, and decided to leave her be. Radio is much more active that the environment, however. Had to turn the volume all the way down to avoid being heard for miles. 

Bear is back in business. Sick guy, but has a little sanity left in him.  Been hearing him on the radio here and there. Which reminds me...the guys that I was talking to a long while back...about some disappearances....fucking hell forgot their names. Ok I guess I gotta do this now...

List of people. because your memory is utter shit, fam.

[spoiler=People I know]

-Joel. German (?). Really cool guy. First person I met after shit went sideways. Wonder where he is now...

-Where's-North-Guy. American (?). Met him at the military base to the South-West. Cool guy, wanted to know where North was.

-Eric The Medic. American. Cool guy. Was scavenging for medical supplies, and I gave him an Saline bag and an IV-kit. Belongs to that medical group, maybe?

-Bear. Psycho as fuck. Seriously just go the opposite direction unless you wanna be EATEN. Oh yes, he's also a cannibal. Real name: S. Kelly.

-Alek. Cool guy. Never met him in person. Hunter like myself. Seems to know what he is doing more than me sometimes. I do believe he got involved in some bad shit with some group. Keep an eye out for his lost bro, Dima Tokariwski k?


-Info Broker. Spy (?). Was supposed to make a deal with me but haven't heard from him yet.

-Robot-voice guy. No idea. Wears gas mask. Seems mentally stable.

-Dom. Gave me the hunting scope for free. I owe him something.

Having done that, Might as well do one for groups of people...

[spoiler=Groups I know]

-The Wolves. Hunters. Territorial AF. Area is South of Zeleno (Far SW), stay the fuck away.

-Minutemen. Civil war re-enactors? Fuck if I know. Sound crazy and involved in some bloody business.

-Clowns/Masked people. Crazy. Just keep the fuck away.

-Bunch of locals. Essentially Nazis. Will hurt foreigners.

-Life (?). Medical bunch. Sound neutral. Eric's group, maybe?

Fuck me apparently all groups are involved in some fucked up shit.

Journal Entry 3.

[spoiler=Entry 3]

Been walking for a day now. Its dark again, but there's one hell of a bright side: Ran into this guy, OK? He caught me completely off guard so I freaked out. I walk up to him and we talk a little bit -I fucking suck at small talk, by the way. Anyhow, this guy is all military-like: Got a silenced AK and a military helmet and what not. It was pretty dark so I couldn't make out his face. He said he was busy and had to go on his way when I mentioned that I was looking for a high-powered scope for my Winchester, and the guy just reaches back and pulls a fucking High-powered scope that fits the Winnie! Now I asked him if he wanted anything -and I meant it. I would have given him ANYTHING- for the scope, but he just gave it to me for free. Looks like good is not dead. Cheers to you, Scope-Giver! (yes I forgot his name...)


Right..so I stopped walking East. The man I was going to meet up with got surrounded by infected and had to leave the area plus the fact that Bear was heading there too. Fuck that, I'm going west. Might stop by the airfield to see if its clear or not. Also, heard of some trading group set up near the airfield. I'll see if I can get me something there...

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