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[Open Frequency] Scottie and Lucy

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*Lucifer tucks in Scottie at GM and walks outside to turn on his radio*

*Presses the PTT*

   Scottie is playing my game, let us see if he wins.

Give me a chance to see if he wins please that's all I ask.

*Releases the PTT*

*He goes back inside and sits down right next to Scottie.*


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*Mellow holds down radio transmition button*

"I dont know you but, this game... what is it exactly"

*Mellow releases radio transmition button and perches by his tent, waiting for a response*

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*Presses the radio transmission*

A game of revenge, forgiveness, love and hate. 

And Scottie and his friends are playing it.

*He releases the transmission* 

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*Joseph, slightly angered by Lucifer's transmission, begins to press the PTT angrily but stops, and gathers a calm, deep voice.*

"Be seeing you, Luca. Hope you've still got that bottle of gasoline.......if not........I've got mine handy"

*He releases the PTT and takes a breath, racking his rifles slide, then walking into Stary with his brows angled and his eyes forward.*

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