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Lev Reznikov - "Freedom at a price."

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Lev Reznikov


"Freedom. At a price."

         "In a mans life, there comes a time where he gets to chose his path. Where to go, what he wants to do with the rest of his life. For me...? Well...lets just say opportunities and I don't get along so well. Life has kicked me so much, where my ambitions were belittled into just mere dreams. Growing up, I had a bad first impression... Orphanage; where the bastards are sent to wonder where they pay their dues...Rock bottom. Luckily I was able to have a private tutor to teach me the basics. Reading, writing...all that is thanks to some independent company devoted to helping others. This was the only thing I got, and I'm grateful for, otherwise I would be nothing but a shell walking among the others as soon as I came of age to work for my living."

          "Somehow, I regret having such high hopes for my success. I thought I could take the easy route by joining the military. Army, specifically. Turns out, I didn't have the amount of schooling they wanted among their soldiers. With no job, or experience I was left to fend in the streets. Homeless, and broken; yet still determined to live a life worth living. The criminal life led me right back to where I started; a building, with my own room, on some other man's dime. I'm referring to prison...the place you go when you have nowhere to go. The house of losers...where I all to well fit in."

          "Day in and day out, the same routine. Herded like cattle to place to place, being told when to eat, when to lift weights, shit, sleep, and socialize. It starts to ware on your mentality, especially when you have so little of that humanity in you like me. Then after so long of that, you see this shimmer of hope on the television in the recreational area. Society is being eaten alive by rabies infested cannibals, the day of the end of days. At least so I thought at the time."

          "Getting out of the prison was simple after the government collapsed, guards went home to their families, and with so little amount of security or morality, the warden ended up making the prison into a refuge; one I had overstayed in. I was given the option to leave. I knew I was better off staying...but at what cost when freedom was staring me in the face. So I left, and decided to take on the world once again, and now there is no status, there is no authority or specific ant-like way of living. It's freedom, the purest form of it...which is Anarchy. I guess freedom comes at a price, this time one that I can afford."


Age: 27

Personality: Stoic, yet realistic in many situations. He isn't very empathetic towards others, and is used to his time alone, but socialization is optional to the person showing interest in him.


[+] Petty Survival Skills

[+] Realistic Thinker

[+] Can cope well with Stress or Loss

[+] Strong


[-] Sociopathic Behaviors

[-] Survival of the Fittest attitude.

[-] Lack of weapon handling experience.

[-] Not immune to the virus...yet

Character inspiration - Richard B. Riddick - The Chronicles of Riddick

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A good read!

I like the pros/cons aspect as well. Too many people try to be all pros.

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Reminds me of an old group a former GM made. Had all the strengths and weaknesses, etc. Looks good.

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Thanks guys. Im new to DayZ roleplay, but I have 2000 hours of gmod roleplay. Fallout, Metro, Stalker roleplay servers. So I hope I can really get into this like I did those on gmod.

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