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Alek's Journal

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Finn    76


Alek Josef Tokarwiski's Journal


I do not know what to do anymore, I only write in this journal to simply keep my

mind of most of the things that keep me worried. The constant fear of torment

by many of the groups that dominate my home country. The constant

 fear of being eaten alive, The only use of this journal is to keep remind

 me of my past, learn from it. I have no idea how long I might go on,

but I hope that if I die, someone might read this and know who I was.

Table of Entries

First Entry - Page 1

Second entry - Page 2

Third entry - Page 3

Fourth Entry - Page 4

Fifth Entry - Page 5

Sixth Entry - Page 6

Seventh Entry - Page 7

Eighth Entry - Page 8

Ninth Entry - Page 9

Tenth Entry - Page 10

Eleventh Entry - Page 11

Twelfth Entry - Page 12

Thirteenth Entry - Page 13

Fourteenth Entry - Page 14

Fifteenth Entry - Page 15[/url]


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Finn    76

+1 for amazing stories m8 keep it up

Thanks man

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Much better ;)

Keep up the good work!

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