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Open Frequency - Static Filled Broadcast - Fall Back Order

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A distressed individual would suddenly begin transmitting on a random radio frequency, his broadcast would be filled with radio static and the distant sound of gunfire.


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-Finnr hears the transmission and pulls out a map he whispers the number a couple of times while moving his finger over the grid cords, Gotcha he quickly clicks on the radio-

That is a 10-4 Metal 0-1.

This is Foxtrot 7-1 what is your current sitrep

-Finnr Clicks off the radio and waits for a response-

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-Finnr sighed at the response he obviously knew this response was going to come out-


I am unknown to you, just like you are unknown to me now do you need help or not?!

Let me restate this last time I offer this!

Metal 0-1 whats your sitrep!

-Finnr clicked off the radio, he had moved to the grid location trying to find any signs of them to go back them up but unfortunately he had found zero signs off life down there he decided to hide up somewhere staying out in the open wasnt smart-

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