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[Open Frequency] Looking for my brother

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-- Alek would pick up his radio. He would press down on the transmit button --

-- He speaks in a Chernarussian accent, with broken English --

"I-I... Hello? Is there.. Anyone on here?"

-- He would pause --

"I am looking for brother.. He is-is lost, I haven't seen him f-for five years. You s-see he was criminal before outbreak, and was just about to get out of prison for charges relating-charges related to organized crime... I-I, was just wondering if someone knew.. a D-Dima.. Tokariwski? or may-maybe someone who could help me find him?"

-- He would place down his radio, taking a deep breath. --

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*Moses listens to the transmission and presses the send button*

"Five years is a long time, however I will keep my eyes and ears open for you. If I get any information I'll let you know" 

*He gets out an old battered note pad and writes the name 'Dima Tokariwski, brother of ?' in it. He then presses the send button again*

"What's your first name? It just so I know I have the right person if I get lucky"

*Moses turns the volume down but leaves his radio on and clips it to his belt. He then takes a swig of water from his canteen and starts to walk north towards a nearby village*

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*Fred hears the familiar voice through the radio. He listens, the picks up the radio and holds down the PTT button*

"Dima Tokari...To-ka-riwski. Ok. I'l keep my eyes and ears open buddy. If he was in jail and did not get bail before the outbreak, he just MIGHT happen to be on some island to the south that has some sort of a prison complex on it. He might have left the island or... *silence*. I'ts difficult to get to the island, though. Long stretch of cold water. Anyhow, I'll keep an eye out for him. Good luck and happy hunting, friend"

*Fred releases the button. He pulls out a pen and an old, battered notebook, and finds a page with a list of names. He writes 'FIND Dima Tokariwski. Alek's brother' and underlines the sentence with a couple of shaky lines before closing the notebook and stuffing it back in his jacket*

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--He would press down on the transmit button--

"My-my name is Alek Josef Tokariwski.."


 " and I-I don't know where he was held.. It might be in the south, it might be west." 

-- He would release the transmit button --

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