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[To Gamblers] Michael Nolan's Absence

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- Start of Transmission -

[align=left][NOLAN] Umm, hello?


[align=left][NOLAN] To anyone listening - Johnny, Roger, any Gamblers - it's me, Nolan.

[align=left][NOLAN] Felt like I had to, you know, explain my absence, I hope you weren't too worried about me. 

[align=left](exhausted laughter) 

[align=left][NOLAN] I've, uh, had to go away, I'm not sure how long... I heard a radio transmission late one night. 

[align=left][NOLAN] It was from, uh, someone I knew before all this, a friend and colleague who I was with when I entered the country, a one Will Davidson - Roger might remember him.

[align=left][NOLAN] I mean, I don't think he - he can't have known I was listening, but he needed help and... 


[align=left][NOLAN] Since we - I - left him behind at the start of all this, I feel like I gotta go back and help him now. 

[align=left][NOLAN] I didn't tell you guys at the time because I didn't want you to convince me to not go. And I'm more than halfway between Chernogorsk and Miroslavl now, so I'm not gonna turn back.

[align=left][NOLAN] I mean, you know, I really had to do this, you kn-

[align=left](6 gunshots heard fairly close)

[align=left][NOLAN] Shit. 

[align=left](3 more gunshots heard)

[align=left](a handgun safety is disengaged, slide pulled back) 

[align=left][NOLAN] I gotta go.


 - End of Transmission -

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*Bruce, hearing the transmission, begins to broadcast*

"I'm hearing you Nolan, not sure if you're alright, but I hope you get everything sorted. After you're done out there, feel free to make your way back to this shithole. You know us, we'll still be poking around here somewhere."

*He takes a quick breath*

"Good luck man, don't get yourself in too much shit without us."

*He ends the transmission and sets the radio down on the table next to him*

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*Vinnie picks up his radio*

Nolan...buddy...you do what is right buddy.

*Vinnie sighs*

If you need help on whatever journey no matter how far or how dangerous it is I will pack my shit and I will help you Nolan.

*Vinnie sheds a tear*

Take care shit head....

*Vinnie sets down his radio*

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