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Character List/Compilation

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Hello. So as a quick foreword. This is more for my use to keep everything straight in my head whilst also giving you guys some insight into characters I've made that you may not have had the time to see in terms of backstory and other such things.

So, without further ado...

The List

[align=left]1.) James Bonluff - Deceased

(How the character was created)

[align=left]So James was my white-list character first and foremost. As with most open ended choice esque games, I like to try and act how I would if I was thrust into that situation. And so, I would like to believe that James was where I would be at in about five or six years in terms of education and worldly experience. Working with that, I just sort of went with it.

[align=left]However, I'm slightly ashamed to admit, but I went with the typical oooo my character is crazy route. Hearing the Blue voice in his head as a weird mix between split personality and schizophrenia/auditory hallucinations. I prooobably should have put a bit more effort into displaying more symptoms considering that I did have all the information basically right in front of me, but it didn't work out as well as I had hoped. And so led to my eventual desire to move on from the character.

(His Story)

[align=left]So I wrote down most of my main experiences with James in a separate thread on here. Big journal thing. In summary, James is alone for awhile then meets Murry and the Trust. Everything is hunky dory for a while. A few bumps along the road, but he's finally got people watching his back. Eventually Murry's life gets threatened and James attempts to kill a member of the Trust and a tentative ally of the group who had originally been accosting Murry. After that point things spiral downward for a bit. Then back up when I take a break from the character letting him figure his shit out. Things are back to doing pretty alright when suddenly The Masquerade do what they do best. // <3 //

[align=left]Ripparino Jamesarino. Which then leads into ole Jo Divone.

[align=left]2.) Joseph Divone - El Hippy (Still Alive)

(How the character was created)

[align=left]Big inspiration from the bumbling hippy character that Tommy Chong always seems to play. Bumbles his way into one odd situation after another and is more often than not able to bumble his way back out again.

[align=left]When I first started brainstorming a new character I wanted to do something on the silly side. James was a bit too serious and hashtag edgey for me and I wanted to bring something different to the table. Thus the level three hippy and traveling buddhist was born. While he started as just something to take the tension out of things he actually had quite a few deep moments with people that he has run into. Honestly the biggest surprise for me was how memorable the character was. I would run into people sometimes weeks after first meeting them and they still remember the character and enjoy interacting with him. Overall, very satisfied with how he turned out.

(His Story)

[align=left]Joseph was visiting his very extended family in South Zagoria when everything went down. Much of the story was completely improvised with a good buddy of mine who was playing Riley Wilco at the time, but it stuck so well to the character vibe that I decided to keep it. Most of Joseph's story is very disjointed interactions with one or two individuals with the exception of meeting larger groups. Much of those meetings having an fairly significant impact on his view of the world around him as well as bodily changes // wink wink clown clown //.

[align=left]It doesn't help that his story hasn't really reached a conclusion so I can't say whether or not it was a good one, but I think I know some guys who would do the job well. // infinity wink //

[align=left]3.) Wesley Teller - James V2

(How the character was created)

[align=left]I had a good deal of trouble trying to come up with a new character. Part of me was still frustrated with how James ended up turning out. Mainly that he was such a downer and not that great to interact with outside of therapy sessions.

[align=left]For a while I had far too many character ideas floating around in my head that I knew what to do with. So I eventually settled with the idea of making a better James. Way more into the whole psychology thing and much more level headed. Also less psychosis, that definitely helps.

(His story)

[align=left]Wesley is all about the psychology. He was in Russia for psychology and decided to move south and then stay south for the Winter and subsequent apocalypse.

[align=left]He's since been acquainted with the Trust as well as a few other groups they're friendly with mainly through providing counseling for their members. Not too much else has occurred yet, but things are about to get spicy.

[align=left]4). Boris Valensk - Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire (and also general handyman)

(How I came up with the charater)

[align=left]Life of Boris YouTube channel. That's pretty much it.

[align=left]I had the strong desire to make another silly character in light of a lot of dark stuff befalling Trust and Co. So I figured, fuck it, let's create "MOST SLAVIC MAN FOR GREAT FUN TIMES!". And lo and behold Boris was born.

(His Story)

[align=left]Born in Estonia. Raised in America. Boris originally had three brothers, but the characters never got created. And so Boris travels around looking for work that involves the general idea of shooting at things with loud guns. He fiercely enjoys life even at its most grim and will do his best to bring a smile to his friends faces even if it means the drowning of his liver in the strongest vodka he can find.

[align=left]Boris seeks to maintain good business partners and create more eventually leading to a strong second family that can count on him and vice versa. Never one to back down from a challenge, Boris is straight forward and sometimes dumb as a rock. But rocks make very good crushing object and can be very versatile tool in the hands of a true Slav.

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I've really enjoyed your RP on these characters. It's never a dull moment and You always have something useful to contribute to RP.

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