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My life and travels -- Second Chapter

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        Chapter Two : Friendship


        A year went on, I traveled from place to place, as a wanderer, a vagabond, I never had a home for quite a while after I left camp. I've tried finding friends, companions, people to trust, but I don't quite know if I could do that just yet. I tend to be quite the loner, but I feel safer that way, I feel more calm that way. I don't know if I will ever find a friend to trust, I remember an Andrew, an Andy? But things happened, and we lost eachother. I ended up giving up my search for my friend in the area, so I went on my way along the coastline, helping those in need, offering ammunition, weaponry, and supplies to those that aren't fit for survival just yet.

        I wandered along the coast admiring the sea, the calm whispers of air coming from the Green Sea, it was a treat for a lonely soul, the nature would speak to me in ways that would calm me. The wild was the only home that really suits me, it is quiet, peaceful, and I've never see any of those "Things" in there. I hope to find a fellow hunter one day, set up camp in the forest, maybe set up a company, one based around the trade of Furs and Meat, I could only dream. Since there are so many crooks and criminals in this world now, I don't think I will ever achieve my goal, things have changed, and dreams may never come true.

        That was until I met Vinnie Pasquale, the first friends I've ever had actually. I met him on the coast, just outside of Chernogorsk heading west. I remember what we discussed, how he got here, what his plans were in Chernarus. Turns out he was looking for a friend, and I planned on helping him find his friend. This friend was a man by the name of Tony Moretti, they both came from Brooklyn, New york. In our travels together, Vinnie and I became very good friends. We armed ourselves, and created a group of our own, we gained many members and even set up our own camp. But good things always have an end, and this was when our camp was raided when we were out looking for Tony. We lost all of our tents, but luckily we found Tony Moretti, and boy was I happy for Vinnie.

End of Chapter two.

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