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Account deleted?

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Hi, today i try to enter ingame using the pass but a message say that im not whitelisted.

I have tryed to login on the forum for ask assistance but a message say "Wrong username/pass combination"

 and when i have tryed to reset the pass the website say the email is not valid. So what happen?

In the end i have created a new account whit the same username, but the steam cooldown block me at first step with this error "Application cooldown for this Steam account still hasn't expired! Are you an alt account?"

Please help me :' (

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The reason you are receiving this message is because your account was pruned. It was pruned after you failed the whitelist attempts on your other account. If need more assisstance come into TeamSpeak and to give you more information I recommend reading this http://www.dayzrp.com/guide and this http://www.dayzrp.com/faq

With that said I will mark this as Solved.


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Sorry but i dont have an alt account, probably is my old (deleted) account the one has been already whitelisted.

I have made an account with the name mskaline some time ago, it has already been whitelisted, but from today im unable to login in the game server and on the website, probably as u say, my account has been pruned because i forgot to make a presentation post on the forum.

When I realized my account has been deleted, for ask assistance, i have created a new one with the same name.

I have no problem to apply to the whitelist but a the steam error i wrote above block me to do that.

Thanx for your time guys and sorry for my basic english.

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Greetings mskaline,

As Speedster tried to explain to you, you previous account was pruned. This happens to every account which does not follow the final step in the registration process, you forgot to post something on the forums (off topic and introductions/farewells don't count). You also get this information in the registration email which we send.


This screenshot was taken from the Newcomers Guide which you are higly encouraged to read, along with the Rules and Lore.

The matter of your steam being put on a timer is an unfortunate one, but there is nothing we can do about that. After all it is your responsibility to complete the registration process completely. Once the timer reaches zero you are free to attempt to whitelist once more.

Do take note of the following, you do not get 5 new chances to whitelist. The count continues, so if you were for example whitelisted on your 4th attempt on the pruned account, you now only get one chance to whitelist.

If you have any question feel free to join our TS and join the waiting for staff help channel, our staff team is here to help.

Now, since you posted on the forums and your postcount is on 2, you do not have to worrie about this account getting pruned, so you only need to re-whitelist to be ready to play again.

With this answer, is your problem solved?

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Ok i understand the situation i will wait the cooldown.

Thanx for the support and sorry if i have maked some trouble.

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Seeing as your problem has been solved by the above answers i will mark this as /solved, Glad you got the answers you needed.

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