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Journal Entry #9 - Sova

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Finn    76

Thursday, March 17th

        I have had nice sleep, I met up with my old group. They were traveling as well, I thought I wasn't welcome to them but my thoughts have changed now. I'm going to try and retain contact with these people, it could really be good for group relations since I might be in many different groups in the future. It all depends on whether this Trust group is right for me or not. I still have a load of cow steak sitting in my back pack, I've eaten some but I plan on sharing it with the people I end up meeting with. I haven't been tormented by the Masquerade bandits in a while. It helps knowing that I am safe traveling these lands, and that I can peacefully hunt knowing that I won't be captured by anyone.

        I plan on meeting with this "trust" group in a few days, I feel like it will be good group for me.

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