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Diary of a Mercenary, Zachary Volek.

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Walking down the deserted main street of Elektro, you spy something laying on the sidewalk. Upon closer inspection you realize its a notebook and you turn to the first page where it reads,

Author: Zachary "Wolf" Volek

Date: Unknown

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Current Location: Elektrozavodsk              


Blood Talon Group, Volek's Former Squad.


I don't know what the date is, i think it may be sometime in fall due to the vegetation currently. If my estimate is right i have been here in Chernarus for about 3 months and have yet to find a way to leave. I arrived at the Balota airport to find that all airplanes were either destroyed or gone. As for water based vehicles there are none and if the firing in the distance is any indication then what boats did make it out are being sunk as i write this. I think i might need to write more about how i came to be stuck in this madhouse of a country. 

I arrived here with my team, Blood Talon Group, a mercenary squad. We were hired to go see what there was to see here and report back. They didnt tell us what we would find, only that we were going to get paid handsomely to report the current standings of Chernarus. We made touchdown on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk in the dead of night and made our way on foot to a place called Green Mountain. That was where we spotted our first infected. We saw the thing from a distance, gnawing on something. We were going to approach when our sniper called out that it was eating a human arm. We decided to approach it from behind and try to make contact.

When it heard our footsteps from behind it broke into a sprint and charged our leader, John Delroy. He shot it in the chest with a pistol but it just kept going. He finally kneecapped it and it collapse,d but not before making this bloodcurdling scream. I dont think i'll ever forget what happened next. From within the compound and around it hundreds of them came rushing out and overwhelmed us. I watched as they just tore everyone apart, including our leader John. Arthur Delroy, John's son, and David Wolfe, another friend of mine, and I took off into the forest to escape. About a month after that we all went our separate ways to find a way out of the country and from what i heard Arthur is still missing and David Wolfe died defending his group he founded.

Now im just a wanderer, looking for any place that will have me. I still do some mercenary work for any groups that need me because it gets me supplies and info. I am currently contracted with Skryty and its going pretty well. The more i think about leaving this country, the more ridiculous it sounds. I don't have a home to return to like others do. My home was that squad and now they're either missing or undead. I guess for a guy like me this is right where i belong. Well that's it for now, i'll make my next entry tomorrow. Also one more thing before i leave, you really shouldn't have picked up this notebook.

From behind you there is a cock of a pistol and a voice devoid of emotion simply says,

"Drop everything you have, now."

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