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121.01 - Message from the Infection Containment Unit [Open Freq.]

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*Beckford raises his radio to his mouth*

"Hello survivors of Chernarus, this is Julian Beckford of the Infection Containment Unit"

*he takes a breath"

"You probably do not know who I am, or who we are but you have nothing to fear from us, in fact I'm making the broadcast asking for your help. We are asking all survivors to volunteer to help our cause by donating blood. The blood donated will be used for testing and disposed of appropriately when finished with. We request that all those willing meet us at Bashnya just north of the airfield in the Northwest of the region at 2130 hours tomorrow where our team of medics and doctors will collect the blood samples. Although we do not have much to offer you in return, we do have some supplies of food and drink that will be distributed after the samples are collected. We understand that you may be worried about your safety, but I promise that the area will be fully protected by our Specialists. In order to improve security, we request that all those approaching the area, do so from the road to the south." 

*He pauses*

"If you have any question regarding this broadcast, contact me back on this frequency"

*Beckford relaxes, and put his radio back in his pouch*

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