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Broadcast on an open frequency

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**Danny Montana gets back into his car, smiling that there is still hope in humanity, pushing down on the button on his radio**

"Hey John Collins, If you're still out there I'd like to say thanks.  I found your camp and left behind some goodies for you or other travellers that may come upon it.  I would have wrote something on a peice of paper, but unfortunatly I have none.  I hope you are alive and well and if I ever have the pleasure to meeting you, I have to shake your hand my friend.  Thanks for the help!"

**Danny slowly puts his radio down as he turns his car back on**

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*Fred puts his beloved knife aside, and picks up the radio. A smile creeps across his face as he holds down the transmission button*

"A camp? With goodies??! How sweet. I'll be sure to stop by and take...some stuff. If I'm feeling good, I'll leave something behind."

*Fred releases the transmission button before laughing for a moment. He catches his breath then resumes the broadcast*

"Nah I didn't mean that. I won't touch your camp unless I absolutely need to, and I don't even know where it is. But be more careful talking about stashes of goodies on radio. Wrong person might hear it and...POOF. Camp is gone."

*Fred ends the transmission, putting the radio aside and picking up his bone-pommel knife. "Wish they would listen...wish they would learn"*

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Alek would pick up radio and presses on the transmit button*

"I found camp 3 days ago, left behind note on tips of properly hiding camp, not sure if same one"

He'd end his transmission*

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