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Chicagoland Memers and Dreamers!

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Its that fateful time of year again when the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo Returns to us!

If you haven't got your tickets for this weekend then you should before they go up ! 


Heres some pictures of Past years to show the scale


A small corner of "The Block" where all the goods are sold!


a Wide shot of "Artists alley" where animators and artists from every walk of life set up for casual meet and greets and often will do one of a kind commissioned art.


people waiting for celebrity meet and greets pile up to get a good place in line

To those of you that don't know C2E2 is the biggest Expo in the Midwest Bringing together Celebs, Gaming geeks, Comic nerds, and hot women in superhero costumes.

Its a great place to meet artists from DC and Marvel and even indie artists and get comics signed and unique commissioned art for real cheap.

Plus all the retro and unique toys and exclusive collectibles from around the world 

I'm going this weekend and ill post pictures and whatnot of my adventures here for you all to enjoy and live vicariously through me.

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This looks pretty cool. Do yoi ever go in costume? And thanks, I love to live vicariously through others!

Nah i'm not a costume guy , I'm too picky with what i would wear and i would spend too much time and money on something i couldnt wear because id have a heat stroke lol but there are always really cool costumes there , but its not overbearing like some conventions where everyone is in costume.

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