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[Open Freq] YDDE

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Roach    1513

*You hear some guy talking over your radio. At first, it's faint and seems like a distress call.*


*The transmission ends and unless you were a very close friend or contact to this man, you have no idea who he is but the message leaves you wondering so you try and stay tuned in*

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Killerwelden    153

*After hearing this he decides to respond*

*Presses the PTT*

Making threats I see, give the name. 

*Releases the PTT*

*He sits down by Tony's grave waiting* 

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Jack the Ripper    249

*Ivan presses down on the PTT button, speaking in a low voice.*

"We spoke yesterday night. I'm not sure if you remember my voice, but you and I have a common enemy. Remember? I find them, and you can have her on a silver platter. You find them, and he gets to me alive. Scratched up a bit if you want, I got no problem with that, but alive."

*Ivan considers the man for a while before resuming.*

"I like you and I think we have more in common than you think. I'd like to talk more. I told you that I have no personal frequency, but one that I use most often belongs to some old friends of mine. 89.1. I hope to hear from you soon pal. I'd very much like to discuss this topic in.... much greater detail."

*Ivan removes his finger from the PTT button, and sits down, drumming his fingers against the table as he pondered the days events.*

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