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The Marshal

A Broadcast On An Open Frequency

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John looked at his radio. His hand tightened on the plastic, it creaked under the pressure. He'd been putting this off for so long, but... It would help. Someone. He needed to start helping people again. The good people. The one's that deserved it. He depressed the transmit button on the radio, taking in a breath.

"This is to those without a place to call home. This is to those without people to call friends. Good friends, the kind you rely on every day... There is still something to fight for... if you are out there... keep fighting, Find people that have your back. Surviving together... is all that matters. You cant do it alone anymore. No matter your background, no matter your experiences. You need friends to watch your back. You need family... Even I needed this when I thought I didn't. I unintentionally saved myself by putting myself in a position to help someone else... And that seems like such a long time ago now.

If you're looking for refuge. If you're looking for a place to fit in... If you want to feel what it is to trust again... Find us.

We are here." There was a log pause. "People know me as The Marshal... and you can contact us on 108.8."

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Leonard puts his cup down and rubs his eyes, he looks over the research that he has been doing when he hears a deep voice over the radio. He takes the transmission as hope and picks it up.

Marshal.. I hope to improve my habits and become very worthy in your eyes. This message is a good thing it is exactly what i meant when we just needed a spark.*Clears his voice* I'll see you home brother.

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