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[align=justify]I don't dream, it is all one vivid nightmare. People I once knew, Carlos and Josie, Dom and Willow, Dikembe and Bootan, Jefferson and Quaid

[align=justify]Most of my friends are dead or missing. Some of them I helped kill, others just disappear, gone as if by the same magic that caused the dead ones to rise. I think of my brothers, my mother, the smell of my fathers fishing boat. I think of the well oiled gun that fits so perfectly in my hands. I think of the dozens of people I have killed since I arrived in this devil place. Their bones lay bleached and picked apart by the dead or the crows.

[align=justify]Killing used to be different, the adrenaline that coursed through my body when the shots started to scream out. Now it is normal, no different then eating a can of  food. It becomes a dead thing, like the skeletons. The only thing that can make my heart move is the thought of returning to a normal life. Until

[align=justify]then I go through the motions and do what it takes to survive.

[align=justify]I stand with Johnny, he is the only one I still know. All the family is gone or dead. Johnny started his own family, it is not the same as the old one, but it serves the purpose. We do not go hungry, our guns never run dry. That should comfort me more, but all I think about is the skeletons.

[align=justify]How peaceful the dead ones must feel to just lay in the sun with no worries but the caress of the cold dark earth. Fearing death? I never experienced that for myself. Always for the ones I cared for, and that did not stop them from dying around me. You see, I have to kill you because if I allow you to live, that would make me a fool. It would only be a matter of time before you rearmed and regrouped to try and kill me and my little family.

[align=justify]Do you know what I'm saying?   [A man lays terrified gasping for air, his eyes wet with tears as he shakes his head no. His eyes pleading for mercy]

[align=justify]"Cabaas smiles, nodding his head in understanding" No, I imagine you don't, and I don't have the time to explain it to you. Soon you will be at peace, you will feel no pain anymore. You will be among the skeletons. Hopefully we can continue our fighting in the next life. "Cabaas aims the gun at the mans head and fires.

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That was a great read!

Keep it up MrEcho

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