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What if I wanted my character to change his name.

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My character is wanting to change his name, am I permitted to change my Display name?

example: Alek Tokariwski (currently)

(The name you see when you check pulse)

My character has gained a lot of negative attention with this name, so he want's to change it, I kind of feel like changing the display name to avoid Meta in some cases, since he will wear a mask and won't be able to recognize his voice in any way.

Thanks guys.

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You can say IG over voice that you arent Alek but lets say Erich

You cant on the other hand change your name that it shows in the chat Erich Weichmann instead of Alek....

Summa Summarum you cant change your displayed name to avoide metagaming.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Because I don't want to accidentally make a mistake and get banned, this community is the bomb.

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Changing your display name would mean you changed to a new character.

As you only want to give people a fake name, you need to keep your current one and you can tell them a different one like "John Smith" for example.

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New display name means a new character with different knowledge. This does not count if your current character gets married ingame. Ofc then you would be allowed to change the surname.

Also with the answers of Galland and Andrey, given above I will mark this as /solved.

Let us know if there are any further questions. :)

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If someone pulse checks you and you feel as if a rule has been broken, don't hesitate to report it.

I understand what you mean and it would be nice cause I HATE metagamers.

But then again, think of it this way, the pulse check they do can help determine if they remember what your face looks like.

If Group A takes me hostage several times and always tortures me and now I wanna change my name so they don't find me as easily, that's fine. It will be harder to get info on my whereabouts since my name is different IC'ly. However, Group A would still know what my face looks like and pulse checks is like your face haha.

It would make no sense for them to pulse check you and see a different name which will lead them to think it's the first time they catch you when in fact they should recognize your voice and face since it's been several times, they would know your voice and especially face. I think Pulse checks confirms a face on a person since we all pretty much look the same. Besides clothing, this is the only way to confirm identity in my opinion.

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