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Jowad Berekdar

The great depression, more like... [open freq.]

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*Fred sits down under a birch tree, getting out of the sun and resting his weary feet. It has been a long journey of constantly going in circles, and sadly he has not yet found what he was looking for, but he will not give up...just yet. He recalls the many radio transmissions he had heard recently, and decided to put something out there, regardless of anyone listening or not*

"The great depression...thats what we should call these days. Not for financial reasons, obviously since money doesnt exist anymore to begin with. No, I'm talking about the people. The sad, sorry individuals out there who just ooze desperation and depression. Its like...a fucking aura of depression around those people. They just cant stop talking about death, the end, the disease, the hunger, the thirst, the sore feet. Everything is so hopeless to them despite the fact that most of them seem to be living just fine -and even better than me in some cases."

*Fred chews on his words for a moment, carefully considering any other options*

"Oh, and dont get me wrong. If you have been through a traumatic experience or something, then that's a whole new level, and I hope the best for you. But I'm talking about the living embodiments of some Drake-Kanye love child, except its much worse."

"Look around you. There are so many successful groups out there. People that have created communities. People that are not just surviving, but thriving."

*Fred takes a deep breath. He takes a moment to make sure he wasn't getting off topic*

"If you hear this, then just look around you. Destruction? Chaos? Death? Well no shit. It's always been like that. I came from Syria, and where I come from there are only two things different from today's Elektro: The lack of infected, and the nonstop bombardment. I guess that some infected are a much better scenario than unpredictable, 24-7 artillery. Learn to live with it!"

*Fred leans back, resting on the smooth, peeling bark of the tree. He looks up at the leaves, and the rays of sunlight shining through.*

"So yea, I suggest that you take a break from the infected. Go somewhere that isnt concrete and steel. Enjoy nature, and the free lifestyle. If you cant survive on your own, then team up with someone or ask someone to help you. Just stop with the depressing stuff, it really ruins my treks."

*Fred ends the transmission and reaches back to peel some bark off of the tree, before stuffing it in his bag. He pulls out a steak and begins to eat. "damn, I wish there was some mustard in this bloody country"*

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*Noticing the voice as one that is constant talking on the radio, Peter turns the volume to nothing for a few minutes. He then raises the volume back up and hears that he finally finished. He then presses the PTT button.*

*in a Chernarussian accent he picked up from the Liska* "Shut the fuck up! God dammit! You radio fucking warriors. Go out. Find someone in real life. And bore them with your useless words. I'm so tired of these people thinking they are safe over the radio so they just keep talking and talking. No one wants to hear you. Shut up and die."

*He releases the PTT button and lets out a substantial sigh. He takes the batteries out of the radio for the time being as he does not give a shit as to what anyone will respond with.*

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*Fred laughs upon hearing the man. Pissed off locals? So much for Hearts and Minds. He picks up the radio in his hands*

"Hey buddy, you know you can just turn off the damn thing right?"

*Fred tosses the radio back in his bag*

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