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Just got on the whitelist, I have a few questions for the community!

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Hello all! I'm new to RP and DayZRP but I have 500 hours on DayZ. I have read the rules etc many times over and have spent a few hours reading guides and tutorials on this site.

Are there any important starting tips to get more enjoyment out of DayZRP which I should know? 

Are there any towns or location which are "run" by a group or places where I can expect hostiles?

Where should I go/who should I talk to if I want to join a group?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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As for popular places, it is hard to pinpoint one as role play takes characters and groups in many different directions. It is often found that when a settlement is created, it usually falls apart shortly after if it is not well guarded as it will attract the attention of less desirable people and bandits. These reasons are why it's hard to pinpoint a "popular" area. If you stick to the Vybor triangle, you'll generally find people. It's a pretty popular section of Chernarus. 

As far as looking for groups are concerned, you can always check out the "Groups" section here on the forums and read up on them! If there are any you like, then you can contact the leader and send in the required application that differs per group. Also, there's a thread called "Survivors: Looking for Group" that is a good place for you to put out your character and see if any groups would like to recruit you! Follow the template on the first page, and fill it out in a new reply. 

I may also be a bit biased, but I have put out a "Newcomer's Guide to Role Playing" for new community members who are trying to create realistic characters! Might help! There are also a ton of other guides in that section that can be helpful for you to read up on! (Even though you've already spent hours there :P)

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Welcome to the community! 

Edit: Kattica2fast4me

1. Join a group right away. They will help you learn the rules even quicker, you can make friends in the community quicker, and the RP when you're in the group can be unique compared to when you're just a lone wolf.

2. You should probably learn this in characterly ;) However, in an apocalypse, it is safe to assume that military locations would be a place where you can expect hostility/danger (zombies and/or people).

3. You can look around in the group section of the forums, where you can see all of the accepted groups, the work-in-progress groups, and archived groups. Most if not all group threads have an application at the the bottom of the first post, and they tell you who to message it to. You can also make a post in the 'Looking for group' thread, where there is a template to follow that asks basic questions about you as a person, and about your character, linked here.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your time here! Also, one last tip I have is to not get too engrossed in the forums. There can be a lot of drama that goes on if you let yourself get sucked into, or ooc stuff can take precedent over your IC thoughts and actions. Either way, welcome again :)

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Don't get into any reports. Follow the rules and have fun. :)

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I would say, don't try and be a bandit immediately, this is what gets a lot of the new players in trouble. Make sure you know the rules well before doing anything crazy!

It is also always better to find out IG where all the people are, you will hear rumors from people you meet, telling you to stay away from certain areas or telling you to go places. But if you want, you can check this thread out.

And for groups, you can explore the group page.

Good luck!

Also with the answers given above, I will /solve this.

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