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Leonard Church

Legend Of Leonard's Life

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The Past

Leonard sat on the dusty couch in the building in which he had been staying at in Tulga. He kicked his boots off and relaxed up for once, the day outside was warm and the sun was shining. The day before he had picked up some old tomato seeds and some old fertilizer and was trying to get them started in the windowsill. Everything was for once calm and peaceful no screaming people no gun shots just quiet peace. The time was right so he reached into his bag that was leaning up against the table in front of him and grabbed out his old journal, quite often now he has been recording stuff that has been going on such as where people were going or how often he saw wild game. Just the little things that really were not important. He began flipping through the pages when he came to the end where a big blank space was left. Taking out a pen he began to write down a word at the top of the page and underlined it. The word was Home  he then lean back letting his body sink into the old couch. The next things that were written were about his family and everything he remembers about them, first was his beloved wife Maria the first time they met was at a very romantic place the meat mart. Church had been working there and was running late to work one day when he arrived there he hurried up sprinting towards the door. It had came flying open and a women was in the doorway. The two slammed into each other throwing them both to the ground, the women was carrying a bag full of items and it had spilled out all over the curb and into the parking lot. The two both looked up and met at eye level they both laughed and Leonard insisted to help her pick up all her stuff. She had began to laugh at him and he began to get bright checks not knowing if she had seen him as a loser of whatever. He smiled and blurted out 

"What is so funny"

"Oh nothing its just haha your hood"

He had been wearing a sweatshirt and something had gotten caught up in the back of his hood. It was a slice of meat that had fallen out when the two ran into each other. He grabbed it out of the back of his hood and his face was glowing red at this point. She cocked her head and looked into his face just staring. 

"What?! is there somthing else?"

She had responded 

"No, its just you have the coolest looking eyes are they contacts?"

"Uh no ma'm they are real hehe"

"Oh, they are beautiful!"

She looked down towards the name tag and read the name Leonard Church out loud.

"Well Leonard it was nice meeting you"


He began to fumble his words

"I am so sorry about the meat please don't tell my boss!"

"Don't worry meatboy i wont hehe. And my name is Maria by the way."

She began to turn and walk away to her car and church began to fumble around a pen he had taken out.

"Wait! Maria you forgot somthing!"

"Ohh! What is it"

She walked back and started at him with a curious face. He took to pen and asked to see her hand she said yes and he began to write something on her hand. She looked down at the message and said it out loud.

"419-...-...., and PS I can cook too not just package meat"

She had a big smile on her face and looked up at him. A yell came from the store for the man to come inside for work.

"Uhh.. I got to go! Sorry again for the meat"

She rolled her eyes and walked away with bright cheeks returning to her car. 


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Bo chicka ow ow.

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Well, well, look at Leonard with those moves.

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