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90.9 - The Open Radio Broadcast [OPEN FREQUENCY]

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*Noah sits down on his chair and gets out his radio, turning it on and holds down the button to talk*

"Wounderful day everybody, Noah Glück speaking and you are listening to the only way of telling all the people in Chernaurus what you think about something without immediatly getting shot for that, The Open Radio Broadcast."

*something made out of metal hitting the floor can be heard in the backround*

"Ah.. scheiße... oh das Ding ist noch an! Uhm, yeah, as I was about to say..."

*Other unaudible noices can be heard in the backround that sort of sound like something squishy getting pushed around*

"Ok, so this is the first time I wanted to hear other peoples oppinion on something these days and that something is this: Why can't we get our shit together and start this crap all over again? I mean... why can't we just all get together again and, well, start beeing humans again, not some fucked up phsychopaths that all try to kill each other. Seriously guys, what happened? I know, I know, the infection and all of that changed people and I get that, allright? But still, It has been almost 2 years now, hell even more than that since the shit hit the fan! You would guess that everything has calmed down a bit by now, but nope! There are still more then enouth people out there trying to take their chances and do everybody harm while just thinking about thenselves! To those guys, get a new brain because yours is obivously malfunctioning! You've got to see the bigger picture! Killing someone just adds to all those fucking problems that we allready have here and I don't think that anybody wants any more problems to worry about nowadays. I know that bigger Groups like ZBOR tried to solve that problem by creating at least a resemblance of a civiliced society but as you propably know... that failed miserably. And you want to know why? Because of people that still don't get that the only way to get through all of this. But don't get me wrong here, I also don't really like what ZBOR did with all of their rules in Zelenogorsk. They didn't allow that much do be done. I'm talking no voting, no weapons drawn, having to be a registerd civilian to own a house and the list goes on and on. But if someone, and don't care who it is, would start something like ZBOR did, but without those stupid rules and making it a place for people to be who they want without anyone judging them, I'd be in on that! And with "be who they want" I don't mean cannibal scum or anything along those lines. Just a place where people could meet, talk and have a jolly good time while beeing protected and basicly be a part of a normal society again. Anyway, let the other people of Chernarus know what you think of something like that. Would you appriciate it just like I do or are you completly disliking the idea of something like that? Come on, don't be shy, I won't judge you. And hopefully all other people hearing this broadcast won't... Anyway, this was Noah Glück with the Open Radio Broadcast! Make sure to keep those radios on to not miss any upcoming broadcasts of me and don't forget: Stay safe out there!

*Noah ends the transmission and starts reading his favourite book*

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*Fred hears the transmission and smiles. He picks up the radio to speak*

"Greetings there, Mr. Noah. Now, many of us had thought of starting fresh. A civilization from scratch. Its a very nice and tempting idea, but it doesnt work like that. See, as history tells it, it took us centuries to become remotely civilized. We were always small clans and bands fighting among each other. With this disaster, many people see the opportunity to live a free and lawless life. Many people lack a moral code, or have a very flawed one. Killing, stealing, raping, and other atrocities become a norm since there isn't anyone to stop us or punish us. I personally think that -if I hadn't been religious- I would be somewhere amid those people."

*Fred takes a deep breath as sadness begins to grow in him. He remembers the old prayer calls echoing in the narrow alleys of Syria. He shakes the memories aside and continues*

"So as much as I would like it to happen, it wont. Not for a while, at least. If you plan on starting something, however, to call me. I'm more than interested, and I would be able to contribute nicely to the community I believe..."

"Anyhow, got some things I need to find. Untill then, I'm occupied. So, good luck with your project. I truly hope it is achieved and that one day I can rest easy without treating every creeping shadow as a threat...Oh, and the name is Bones"

*Fred ends the transmission and resumes to go through the drawers of some abandoned house. "Safe heaven" he whispers to himself, and a smile creeps across his face. It would be a dream come true*

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"You see, mister Noah, people can do whatever they want. May it be killing, robing whatever the hell there is to do. 'Why should we stop that?' - they would ask themselves. You need examples? I'll give you some: The Masquerade, which are cold blooded killers, which only objective is to make people fear them. Another one? The Cerna Liska! Have you ever heard of Hitler, Mr. Noah? They do the same job, but they aren't committing genocide. Yet."

Frankie takes another drink of his soda, and continues on:

"Even though a place to call 'home' would be nice, we would need order to have progress. The ZBOR were on their way, but people destroyed everything. There was no need to burn down the building at Zelenogorsk, or to break every lapse of the group. They only had to leave. But this brings back to the starting point: 'Why should we stop that?'. Why would people just leave it there, when they could burn it to the ground? People these days, no matter how normal they seem like, always have the same excuse when it comes to do bad things. When humanity falls, there's nothing keeping our mind from going wild, and that's whats happening in this exact moment."

He stops his transmission, and takes a deep breath of air. But them he has an idea, and goes back into pushing the PTT button:

"But there is one thing that is possible. Unless we can have enough people, to represent the needs of the citizens, there can't be a 'Safe Heaven' as one would say. If you are going to makes this a thing, you are going to need some people, and not guns. Talking is the best way to go when you have an oppressed human being in front of you. Well, good luck with that. For now, I will remember this. It may be useful one day."

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*After finishing his work on his journal and listening to the replies, Noah grabs the radio and lays back in his chair as he starts talking*

"Ha, great to hear that not everyone has completely lost their mind! Hey, I'll tell you what. If we actually manage to set up something like that... man I don't even know. It just seems so... you know... unbelivable. I mean my idea. But hey, IF that actually is going to be put together, the whole quote on quote "safehaven", well... I'm just gonna say that this would be something everybody can benefit from. And I mean literaly everybody! Imagine that in greater detail. Just a place where you acctually feel safe. Well, sort of. Still, I don't think that enouth people would actually be organized enouth or even want to set up something like that because of the risks and all of that. Anyway, let's just hope for the best. Keep your eyes open and stay alive gents!"

*Noah turns of his radio and checks his jounal for any mistakes and corrects some small details*

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*As Noah gets out of bed, he grabs a can of beans and his radio. After sitting down on his bed he presses the Talk-Button and starts broadcasting once again*

"*yawns* Good morining everybody who happens so listen so early in the morning. You, you lucky bastard, have found the only place in Chernaurus where you won't be judged for your honest oppinion on something, The Open Radio Broadcast. My name is Noah Glück and you have tuned in on 90.9. Seeing as it is so early in the morning and most of you guys listening are either at home or somewhere safe, I decided to inform you about ongoing stuff that is currently happening, may it be good or bad. Hey, take this as a kind of news version of the broadcast. Make sure you rememder what I tell you beacause it may just save your life. Ok, maybe not so severe but still. Ok, to kick things off, let's start with something not so good, especially for you people listening in the north. Ok... So, enouth people know about this allready but if not, you better listen up now. It can get a little creepy. And I'm not talking "Here's Johnny!" kinda creepy, I'm talking "Kids-alone-in-the-forest-singing-something-innocent-before-attaking-you" kinda creepy. First let me give you the backstory. Ok, so some kids, mostly from a boarding house somewhere around Stary Sobor managed to form their own little "kingdom" as they call it. And you may think that's a good thing. Well... let me just tell you that It's only a good thing for them... Honestly, and I'm not pulling your leg here, these kids will want you to pay taxes when passing through! And if you don't... they'll kill you! I mean, sure they grew up in these times but Jesus, I think they got influenced by the wrong people. If you want to know where their "little kingdom" is, it's in Ratnoe, just on the northern mainroad. I suggest that all of you listening out there stay away from that place. Next off something rather calming and relaxing but also not all that interesting. As I walked along the northern road that leads out of Chernogorsk, I came by an abandoned pub or something like that. Comepletly empty. It would be awesome for someone to start this thing up again and make it what it was before everything happened! The location is also not too bad. If anyone would be orgainized enouth to start something like this again, I'll certainly visit you! So, the last message for today is something I'm not quite sure about, but sort of interested in. On the southern coastline, just near Balota, I heard some rumors about a statue in the middle of the woods made out of copper. Nobody knows why it's there... if it is even there... But if anyone has got some first hand informations about that statue, you let me know! I want to see this thing one day... Anyway, thanks for tuning in today and I hope you All have a wounderful day! This was Noah Glück with The Open Radio Broadcast and as always: Stay safe out there!"

*Noah ends the tranismission and starts eating his beans while looking out of the window to admire the beutiful sunrise"

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*Fred hears the transmission and decides to pitch in his own ideas*

"Good morning to you too, Noah. See, since this whole thing started -and since I travel alone- I have been looking for somewhere I can always head to and chill at. Somewhere people dont go to, and is very well placed. Well, I have found exactly that, way up north beyond the large airfield to the north-west: It is what I assume was once a summer resort of some sort. A collection of small, single-bedroom structures and one main building. That could easily house a dozen people and is secluded but not too far, and is very safe. It has plenty of room within its fenced perimeter, was completely abandoned, and I believe it was close to a river and had its own water pump. I spend a couple of nights there and it was absolutely fantastic. I cannot tell you where exactly it is, but its somewhere along the very north. Thats pretty much what I have to say, and I need to get going anyways. As always, good luck! Bones out"

*Fred ends the transmission and begins to pack his stuff*

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*René wakes up, the radio next to her*

*Slowly she raises her eyebrow while listening to the guys talking over the radio*

*Starting to laugh over the conversation while still lying in the dirty bed, she takes the radio to push the talk-button*


*Still laughing she stops talking into the radio.*

While getting out of bed, she is looking at her mask lying next to her and smiles*

*she mumbles to herself*

"Idiots...poor idiots.

Let´s move princess"

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-Rustling and movement can be heard as the British sounding man sets his radio down so he can shine his shoes.-

"I understand where you're coming from mate, why can't people just get their shit together right? It's because they don't wanna and no matter how much wishful thinking you put out here people are gonna laugh at you and or it like the spooky lady I heard speaking not long ago."

-The sound of brushing can be heard.-

"Your best bet is to find people who share your state of mind and work from there, maybe a settlement maybe a group of roaming survivors. You never know, stranger things have happened and what you say about the Zbor.. They tried the best way they know how and it worked, before the saboteurs jeopardized all of that."

"You seem to think things could or would go back to normal? Ha, I hark at thee."

"We share this world with the hard of hearing. You die a kind man or you get cold enough to survive."

-Clearing his throat.-

"And on that note, I've sat still too long and these boots are clean. Goodbye stranger and to the strange lady with the laugh."

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*Fred hears the hysterical lady on the radio and smiles. Special snowflake, huh? He picks up the radio and speaks*

"You see, hysterical lady, everyone will die. But thats nothing new. Since the first human, death was inevitable. Be it through sickness, violence, or old age, we all die. Difference between you and me is that you focused so much on something that is in reality so trivial that it consumed you. You do sound completely devoid of hope, and thats your problem. For me, death is a given. If I die before I finish speaking, I'm ok with it. I've come to terms with it years ago. Until that happens, I will live. I will do anything I want however I want it, and take my sweet, sweet time doing so."

*Fred remembers how the last few weeks in Syria were for him. If he survived that, he shouldn't have a problem anywhere in the world. He smiled*

"Anyhow, I got to go do stuff with purpose. You can sit in a corner and laugh/cry as much as you want. I'm having quite some fun these days, and I plan on keeping that up. So good luck with whatever sad shit you do with your life, I'm out!"

*Fred ends the transmission and looks around at the beautiful, lush landscape. "Only sad thing is the lack of burgers" Fred thought to himself, before letting out a quiet laugh. "Inna Li'llah, Wa 'inna ilayhy rajioun", he spoke out loud -we belong to god, and to him we all return.*

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*Ivan considers the mans words for a while, turning his radio over and over in his hand. Eventually he decides to speak up. He holds down the transmit button, his voice low and gravely.*

"It's a blissful thought isn't it. Going back to the comfort of your home, sitting in your big soft chair beside the fire, hot drink beside you, and watching as other people suffer all over the TV, hearing about it on the internet. Poverty, famine, war, genocide, rape, torture, random mass shootings, robbery. It all happened before this all went down. Drug dealers would use children to preform deliveries because they were easier to manipulate. The criminal underworld was full of people selling young women and small boys to sick fucks in their white suits, driving Ferrari's. 

Humanity was diseased, rotten to the core LONG before this outbreak occurred. You just notice it now because you don't have your precious law and order to protect you. You're not looking at it from behind a window of safety. So I ask you, open you eyes.... and take a good.... long.... fuckin' look.

I suppose it was just easier for you, being ignorant to the world around you, enjoying the luxuries you have, nice and safe, far away from it all.

Whats the matter, you.... you miss having it easy? You miss the days when you could just.... ignore it? Shut it out? Yeah I bet you do. After all, we were all nice and controlled back then, weren't we? Not our own self control, no. Controlled by the government, societal systems, laws... rules."

*Ivan's voice deepens, and his next words are spoken through clenched teeth, as if trying to contain his disgust, though he speaks quietly, refusing to let anger get the better of him.*

"Fuckin' people like you, thinkin' that the world should be handed to you on a shining sliver platter, thinkin' your precious human rights entitle you to the easy life."

*Ivan spits viciously.*

"Wake up you delusional fuck. You're not getting back your shiny car, or you warm cozy house. This is the hard life. This is the HONEST life, where we have to work, and fight, and kill every fucking day, just to make it through. It makes me want to puke when I see sensitive little shits like you still walking around, thinking things can be all sunshine and rainbows, thinking that you can just change the way people think."

*Ivan lets out a short humorless laugh.*

"You'll fucking die like you live, whining and complaining. Cuz like it or not this wasteland is gonna chew you up and spit you out sooner or later.

And the wasteland.... is the one thing that's gonna outlast us all."

*Ivan ends his transmission. The damaged side of his face twitches violently as a twisted grin curls upon his lips. The kid would either learn from his words, or die like all the rest. Either way, it didn't bother him.*

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*Unaware what has been going on the frequency because he had forgotten his radio at home, Noah finally returns back to his home and sits down once again on his chair. As he sees the radio he picks it up together with all sorts of other things like a map, a compass and various other objects laying on his table. As he stops by a little pond to get some water, he decided to broadcast once again. He puts his backpack next to him as he sits down, leaning against a tree. During the transmission birds and other sounds of nature can be heard in the backround unlike the other times. Noah grabs his radio and holds down the talk-button*

"*clears throat* Good evening to everyone how happens to be listening. Noah Glück coming at you once again with, wouldn't you know it, The Open Radio Broadcast. To all you people out there listening, I hope you had a good day so far and nothing horrible happened to you. You wanna know why I bring that up? Oh, you would not belive what happened to me last night. So, as I was walking back home because I forgott some stuff there, including my radio so sorry that I couldn't answer in the meantime. Allright, so as mentioned I was walking back to my home, walking past Green Mountain and..."

*his voice imidiately changes from his normal voice to a rather spooky and mysteriously sounding one*

"There it was... Something... I couldn't quite tell what it was because it was a good distance away from me... and yes I said "it". That "thing" can't be described as a human, hell not even as one of those dead things. It was something else... Something that should never reach someones ears... The sounds it made were terrifying. And I'm not talking like the normal sounds an infected makes. It sounded more like a woman with the shortest vocal cord of all time screaming in the distance! I had a feeling my ears where bleeding as it began! As I heard it I imidiatly stopped and then ran for it with such speed, I couldn't even count to 3 and I was at the main road again! I had a feeling that it knew that I was in it's terretory. It knew I was there... Hell, even if you would get me out of Chernarus for it, I would certainly not go there anymore, for nothing in the world. And I suggest you stay away from there aswell. At least at night. Because I don't think that a living person should see what lies behind that scream. Hell, I get fucking goose bumps just thinking about it. But if you want to show off and show everyone that you are so brave and don't give a shit about what I'm saying you might aswell go there. I heard it somewhere around the camp in the middle of the woods. You know, that little "happy-pappy childrens camp"-shit in the woods just west of the Green Mountain Antenna."

*Noah slowly changes back to his originaly voice as he end the transmission*

"Anyway, enouth spooks for today. Uh, yeah that was Noah Glück speaking with The Open Radio Broadcast, I hope you tune in next time aswell and as allways, stay safe out there!"

*Noah packs his radio back in his backpack, turning it completely off so he could not recive any messages. As he picks up his backpack and stands again he realizes how much he was shaking the entire time. After he had calmed down a bit he started walking towards his destination again*

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*After noting how many bottles of liqor he has got left, Noah makes his way upstairs as he grabs his radio which was laying next to the bed. He sits down, quickly thinks about what he should say and then holds down the transmit button*

"Well, good evening to everyone who is listening right now! Noah Glück speaking and you, you lucky bastard, have found the only place in Chernarus where you can speak out and say your opinion on a topic without haveing to worry about people who might want to shoot you for that: The Open Radio Broadcast! Now, it has been some time since I've broadcasted for the last time. The reason for that I just couldn't find the time to just sit down again and talk to you guys. And in all honesty, a little bit of lazyness was also part of the reason. Anyways, I'm back again and wanted to re-interoduce the broadcast to everyone who is listening for the first time. This is a frequency about opinions, news, rumors and so on. Today I decided to give those people a kind of nostalgia feeling like if you have been listening for the first time. Another opinion episode! Today I wanted to talk about Gorka and what everyone thinks about them. But then I was like:"Nah, that topic is like chewing an allready chewed gum again". Anyways, this episode is about The Family. Now I know what you are thinking. "The Family? Noah, that was something from last year mate, how much did you drink?". Well, a few beers but let me just tell you, The Family is back! Now, I personaly have got now problem with them whatsoever. I respect their religion and I can just say that it is nice to see some more diversion in religious belives. Anyways, you should be careful though. Treat them with respect. Or in other words: Threat them like you want to be treated. Becuase I can tell you that these guys aren't fucking around, allright? If you piss them off, they turn into a slightly nicer version of the clowns, at least from what I've heard. I could be wrong though so don't take my last statement to seriously. However, I can certainly tell you that if you don't want any trouble with them, you won't get any. Kind of a "Live-and-let-live" morality. So, what I want to know is if you think the same about them. I mean, they could have changed drasticly over the past months and might be even worse than the clowns now but hey, what do I know. I hope they are still like I used to know them: A tiny bit creepy but nice to people who don't mean them any harm. Now, do you agree whit what I said or are you completly disagreeing with me here? Don't be shy to tell everyone what you think, I at least won't judge you. Well, anyways, that was Noah Glück with The Open Radio Broadcast, I hope you enjoyed and as always: stay safe out there!"

*Noah stops holding the button down and puts the radio next to the bed as he opens a can of spagetti and awaits the first responces*

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