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[Open Frequency] A stranger's plea

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--Alek would drink a Rasputin kvass, taking his radio out of his bag--

--He would press down on the transmit button--

He would say softly "They're very where, they're everywhere, they're everywhere.. " It would slowly become more and more silent. 

"Help, anyone.. Nowhere is safe enough for me. I just want peaceful life and people do bad stuff to me."

"I am just hunter, what can hunter do to make people want to rob him, I have nothing. I don't talk to people, I'm scared they are monsters too.. I tape mouth shut to stop from accidentally saying things I should not say."

"I need group again.. " 

-- Alek would release the transmit button, ending the transmission --

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*Jake hears the transmission and leans against a tree to reply*

Hey there mate. I'm just one guy but i think it would be nice to have a companion or even better a friend.

*He takes a deep breath and sighs loudly*

I know this could go badly for me, i know this could all be a trick but i'm just sick of being alone. I guess it's just a plus that your another hunter.

*chuckles lightly*

Anyway - *Groans and screams in the background*

Shit gotta go but if you do wanna meet just radio me a time and place, see ya pal.

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Leonard makes his final check on the food situation for all the houses in the surrounding area, he marks down house 3 and 8 are getting low and needed to be refilled again. Once he makes his final remarks he hears a man broadcasting over an Open Frequency. The man talks about being scared and not knowing why people do what they do. He grabs the radio and leans against his house and begins the transmission.

You are a hunter that is scared hmm, something i have never heard of before much so because i am indeed a fellow hunter. People see you not talking as a weakness and they see that you will not put up a resistance. In some cases its best to voice what you believe is right or do what needs to be done. And about a peaceful place?.. I would like to have you meet the leader of my group and myself but it seems as you don't want to come face to face with people. The offer is on the table no harm will come to you, stay safe.

Church out.

The man lets go of the button looking back towards the town and then moving on.  

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--He'd press down on the transmit button--

"I- I would like to, I need a friend.. Someone I can actually trust. Last time I trusted someone they ran off when a group was holding me up"

--He'd pause--

"You can name a time and place if you'd like. Just make sure it isn't stary sobor, novy sobor, vybor or kabanino."

--He'd release the transmit button--


-- He'd press the transmit button --

"I'll keep that in mind, but last time I was in group.. that had camp, bandits raided camp.. shoot me twice with shotgun."

-- He'd release the transmit button --

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*Jack runs into a flat and up all the stairs and try's to talk*

Nice hearing you... *Heavy Breathing* buddy. I uh i'll be... *Breathing slows* wandering the coast for awhile.

*Puts radio in his pocket and climbs ladder to the roof then scrambles to get his radio back out*

Probably not smart to say exactly where i am but i'll be staying in Cherno for a little while. *Long Pause* It just occurred to me i never told you my name.

*Takes a deep breath*

The names Beckett, Jack Beckett. I'm looking forward to shaking your hand mate. I'll see ya in Cherno.

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Leonard lets the radio transmission flow over him hearing the strange voice again. He picks up the radio for the last time.

Good offer on the table it is your choice contact us at 108.7 The Trust frequency.

He lets the white noise drag on before dropping the transmission.

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He'd press down on the transmit button*

"Go north, I will meet you inland. I don't like chernogorsk, bad memories"

He'd release the transmit button*

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*Jack pushes down the transmit button*

Just tell me where you wanna meet. I'm fine heading wherever, I'm really no picky so just tell me a place.

*Releases the transmit button and waits for a response*

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*Viktor looks over at his sleeping brother, before holding down the transmit button*

"We're... We're looking for anyone that wants to join us. We've been trying to find other survivors for a while now. We're near the Green Mountain area, due to the animals nearby. You can get back to me on this channel, another secure channel, or directly."

*Viktor smirks as his brother continues to snore loudly and lets go of the button*

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*Jack hears the broadcast and just thinks "Fuck it"*

Hey there. To the man who says he's in the Green Mountain area. I can't be there soon but i would like to meet. Please get back to me.

*Jack puts down his radio and try's to figure out if it was the wrong move to reply*

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