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Harol Denning's Story (First story, WIP, I'm awful at writing)

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Right, I'm usually awful at writing stories, but i really wanted to give it a go. If there is anything wrong with it, please tell me. Here goes: 

The first three years of Harol's life were quite normal. He was born in Cambridge to a wealthy family as an only child. Harol was well looked after, until his dad got a new, very big job that would make them rather rich. His father had been a local politician with a nice inheritance, so they were never poor, but now he was the prime minister's Deputy Foreign advisor, and that made him a very busy man. His mother, feeling that they were now of a much higher class as a family, often hosted parties and such with other well-to-do individuals. All this left very little time for Harol, In fact, he often didn’t see his parents for days at a time, his only minder the maid they had employed. Because of this, Harol reached the age of 16 still thinking of them in the same way he had done when he was three. Sadly, the only time he ever did see his parents; they were very busy and angry, which in turn often led to Harol being punished brutally for the slightest misdemeanours. His father still owned the cane he himself had been beaten with at home, and it was often pulled out, even for petty mishaps.


Despite all this, Harol did well in school. His parents found him a nice private school with a very good track record, and Harol Excelled in the sciences to the point where, upon completion of his A - Levels, he was offered an unconditional place at Cambridge studying Physics. Harol Gladly accepted, Eager for the opportunity to be away from his house. Even though the University was a 5 minute walk away, Harol still decided to take up the accommodation offered, where he lived a relatively normal 3 years. Upon getting a first in his Physics degree, He received two offers. One was to work at Cambridge, where he would study a sponsored doctorate on particle physics, and the other was an offer from MI6.


Every year, British Intelligence grabbed Oxbridge students with firsts, and offered them a job as an operative. Harol, excited by the prospect of being a real James bond, gladly accepted. Harol excelled in anything the selection process had to offer. In one medical exam, it was even found that he showed 'Psychopathic Tendencies when under stress', an invaluable ability in the field.


Harol’s first post was Russia, Where he lived a dangerous yet exhilarating life breaking apart the KGB as best he could. After three years, Harol was re-assigned to Italy, to help protect undercover agents in the Italian Mafia. Operations Command, however, failed to alert Italian Operatives about his good intentions, and Harol was consequently hunted for two weeks until the Italians finally realised why he was there. Harol was at this point a Well-trained Operative with invaluable experience, and so received a year’s 'Holiday' back in England, on a counter-spy operation against Russian operatives.


Much to Harol's disappointment, this year went too quickly, and he was assigned to a job in Ukraine, observing the war and reporting back to HQ with everything he found. There, Harol was forced to kill two Ukrainian soldiers, leaving four orphans. He took these orphans in for just under a month, until he managed to get them to Britain so they could live good lives. Because of this act, High command brought him back early, with fears that he was becoming 'Sentimental'.


Now one of the best British agents, Harol was allowed another 'Holiday', even though he insisted that the orphan incident was just because he was a gentleman. Harol’s most recent, and probably final post, was to Chenarus. As soon as the slightest rumours of trouble flared up, Harol was sent on a surveillance mission. Harol as expecting a boring mission sitting in a house in chernogorsk 24/7 watching the news, but after just two weeks he knew something was wrong. Despite his reports to HQ, he was ordered to remain in Chenarus until further instruction was given. Harol stayed in his house for quite some time, until his food ran out and the Undead were knocking on his door. Taking nothing more than his clothes, Harol headed north to try and find other survivors.


 Tadaa! (I will continue with In-Game stuff when i have enough cool experiences!)

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Don't put yourself down like that! I liked it really, Can't wait to see what adventures you are going to get into :D

And as always try something new!

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