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[87.8 - Open] Contract of Mistrust

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*Standing on top of a large hill Eda tosses several tent poles into the vehicle to finish breaking camp. While her companion fills up the tank in anticipation of their departure she walks over to a large green backpack, the only remaining evidence that anyone had been at the spot. From her left pocket she pulls out her radio along with a folded piece of paper. Pressing down on the transmit she speaks in a light Chernarussian accent and the rustling of paper can be heard as it unfolds.*

"Contract of Trust"

*She clears her throat."

"By signing this document you agree that you will be a helpful and trustworthy part of this group, failure to comply with this will be brought in front of the group and punishment may be as strict as tossing you out of the group or even death. Sign here:"

*She pauses, crumpling the paper as she puts it away."

"If the words on this document sound familiar to you, please seek out a woman named Eda. I'm not hard to find when I want to be and it seems you've left something at my camp that is rather important. If you're not the person who left this paper, but it still sounds familiar to you, then consider hiring someone else to draft your shitty contracts. This reads like a preschooler wrote it and it appears you are contracting some untrustworthy individuals." 

*Snickering she ends the transmission stating:*

"Oh and to whoever is the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on."

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