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A Wind of Change: Isaac's Story

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Chapter #1 - Bush Wars

17/09/97 - "The soldiers are here, take little Isaac and get to the basement, don't leave until I come and get you. Leo and Kaspar are on their way ... hurry ... go!" my Father exclaimed, as he held a Lee Enfield in his right hand, a magazine in his left. My mother stagnant, as she held my-infant-self in her arms, she scurried to the end of the farm; she uncovered some hay to reveal a trap door that lead to a small basement complex and walked down the steps, closing the door behind her. My Father was prepared. "I'm not giving up this land, this is my home." he loaded his rifle, propped himself up against a small stone wall and prepared himself for combat. Mugabe's forces had came to seize the land, my Father stood for what was right, and was willing to sacrifice his life in-order to protect his family and his home. A van smashed through a fence on the western side of the farm, Father looked across his left shoulder, only to notice two close friends; Leo and Kaspar. 

"Isaac, you crazy bastard, what have you gotten yourself into?" Leo asked my Father, as he smashed a magazine into an old AK-47 of his. "We're with you, no matter what. Are little Isaac and Claudia okay, are they safe?" Kaspar calmly said, taking his FN FAL off from his shoulder. "They're fine. Get close to me, don't leave each others sight ... got it?" Father exclaimed. A screen of smoke rose from the entrance of the farm, small silhouettes could be made-out, advancing from the entrance gates of the farm, numerous soldiers began taking strategic positions on the three. There was a minute of eerily calm silence; the three raised their weapons in direction of the Zimbabwean soldiers, they we're ready for combat.

As the smoke settled, the silhouettes disappeared and the facial features of the soldiers could be distinguished, the two sides began exchanging shots. Father was use to using a rifle, in his youth he was a Rhodesian soldier, fighting in the Bush War that plagued South-East Africa, throughout the 1970's. Later in life, he kept his rifle from his military service and used it for hunting - for providing his family with the necessities they required on a daily basis. The soldiers were good with a weapon, bullets were whizzing past their heads, and crashing into the wall they used as cover in-front of them. Leo was hit. He crashed onto the hard, dusty ground and clenched his right bicep with his left hand "those bastards! The fucker got me" Leo exclaimed, in a fury of pain ... "I'm out boys, hand me that fucking Mamba. I'll do all I can perched up the wall" he began to say. Kaspar grabbed him and dragged him next to the wall, where he perched himself on it. Kaspar handed him an old variant of a Mamba Pistol, and took his AK-47 off of him. Leo smashed a magazine into his Mamba, where he almost instantly began shooting at the soldiers.

The sun began to fall underneath the Eastern Highlands, vision was becoming scarce. They were being surrounded, the gradually soldiers began closing in - like a anaconda suffocating their victim, there was no escape. The inevitable was going to happen, they just had to fight it out for as long as they could.

"I'm out" Kaspar panted as he fired his last shot. "Me too" Leo said in a similar fashion ... "Isaac, how much you got?" Kasper inquired, "Not enough" Father whispered as he heavily panted. They were at their limit, they reached their breaking point. Shots began closing in on them, as they crouched behind the flimsy stone wall, their cover began to break, with very large holes in the wall being created, from the bullet impact. There was a minute of silence. The silence was broken by an extremely loud cracking sound, Isaac and Leo looked at Kaspar in disarray. Kasper gave out a loud cough, followed by a spew of blood that projected from his mouth. His limp body fell onto the floor, revealing a huge bullet wound in the back of his head. He was dead for sure. "Kaspar!" Leo exclaimed at the top of his lungs. "Sni-" Leo screamed, before another large crack was heard. The Zimbabwean sniper, hidden in the bushed over 500m away, pierced Leo in his throat. He was choking on the shrapnel of the bullet and his own blood, Father looked at him in a ghostly manor, there was nothing but a bleak, shocked reaction as Leo's left arm grabbed Fathers shirt. Leo was letting out a loud gargling sound as he drew closer and closer to death. Silence drew, Leo's hand became limp and fell sharply to his side, his eyes opened widely - it was at this point, my Father knew he was completely alone.

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