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[Open Frequency] A message to "The Wolves"

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-- Alek takes his radio out of his tactical vest --

"I'm such an idiot" Alek would say to himself in Chernarussian/Czech*

-- Alek presses down on the transmit button on his radio --

He'd let out a breath*

"If there are any wolves on radio, pass this to whoever in charge."

He'd pause*

"Okay, so man say I must come to meet you guys. I knew I smelt something fishy when me and friend see people following, I apologize"

"I know this will end with me in pain, but lets just get over with. Give me time and place, I will be there."

-- He would release the transmit button --

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*Mary grabs the radio out of the side poket of her bag and starts to transmit*

*you are able to hear a quiet laughing followed by a calm female voice*

All I personally wanted was a chat. 

If we wanted to, we would have taken you in Pustoshka, way earlier.

I got a 'hello' and then you guys ran.

A time and a place?

*silence for a few seconds*

If I give you a time and a place, will you waste my time again or did you decide to grow some balls?

*the transmission cuts off*

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He would pick up his radio, pressing down on the transmit button*

"I know I ruined your first impression of me, but you have my word. I will come to location, if I don't you may do as you please."

He would pause*

"I have a lot of explaining to do, so I shall do when we meet."

He would release the transmit button, ending the transmission*

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