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The Minutemen [Open Broadcast]

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*Bruce picks up his radio and begins to broadcast*

"Alright, the time has come to finish off the so called 'Minutemen' for good. Luckily for all of you, the Gamblers are willing to spread the wealth to do so. I'm sure you've all heard these 'Minutemen' running their mouths on the radio waves and luckily they have quite distinctive voices and attitude. They even like to chill out at the good 'ole mountain. Big surprise right?"

*The transmission goes suddenly silent for a brief moment*

"So this is how it works:

If anyone knows their current location, we'll pay you for it.

If anyone knows their names or aliases, we'll pay you for it.

If anyone makes it easier on us and takes them alive, we'll pay you for it.

Hell, if you just want to kill the assholes and prove they were Minutemen, we'll pay you for it."

*The transmission pauses again, briefly*

"It's actually quite simple; so hopefully, we aren't the only people out here who are getting tired of their shit. We'll be listening" 

*Bruce ends the broadcast and returns to his work*


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Jamie turns on his radio. 

We took a higher up minute-man hostage along with some cannibals he'd been travelling with, I ended up shooting him and left him to bled out so no idea if he's out and about. Anyway, I'm- we're happy to help out with any of them pricks, since they almost killed some of us. Always nice to talk to a Gambler. 

And I wouldn't want payment personally, the payment would be that these fuckers are dead. 

Jamie flicks off the radio.

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*Willem picks up his handset and begins to transmit clearly*

I think you know who I am, how many other white Afrikaners do you know running around. Contact us directly, could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

*Willem puts his handset away and continues walking*

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*Johan flicks on his radio*

You all should leave the country and fight it out in Russia. Take your problem somewhere 

else it saves us alot of time. Problem solved...

*Johan flicks out his radio*

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*Roger holds down his radio's transmission button*

"Why bother traveling to Russia, this country is basically Russia already... same cold weather, same terrible scenery, same awful beaches. I mean the only real difference is chernarussians are far more uneducated in general."

*releases his push to talk, and throws his radio at a wall*

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You know, I have heard so many of these "minutemen" broadcasts, and I had thought it admirable that, even in these chaotic times, men who were suffering from the same condition, is that the right term, condition? I don't know, but anyway, where was I, yes, that these men suffering from the same condition appear to have found each other and formed some kind of support group to try and work through their problems, that to me seemed admirable, and to top it all off, they didn't appear to be ashamed of their, um, condition, proudly announcing to the world how they were all "minutemen".

I can see how they may have been a little upset and tried to take things out on other people, but it seems that once again, they have been a little um, premature, but this time in choosing who to pick their fights with.

Well, rest assured, if they stray too far North, you will be informed, we may even wrap them up and leave them under our christmas tree for you to pick up, we have one of those you know!

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