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Excited, but frustrated.

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I can't wait to join the community, it seems like a great place to play DayZ in a better way to the default KoS these days, but I have failed the whitelist questions 3 times because of 1 question each time. I have currently read the full rules and lore 3x over and 2x over respectively. You might tell me to read all the rules through again thoroughly or "well you should know the answers" but, to be honest, some of the questions which I am getting wrong are very harsh and unclear. 

-snip whitelist question-

I picked the first one because that is what aggravation means, however, I was totally aware while making this decision that aggravation can influence the punishment given so as far as I was concerned it could have been multiple answers and I literally ended up making an educated guess even though I knew the rule

So what I am getting at is:

~ Are then mods 100% sure that the whitelist questions are as clear as they can be and should be?

~ What are some tips for some people who failed the first time?

Thanks for all the help, looking forward to seeing you all in Chernarus! (Hopefully)

Edit: I see the question was removed because it could essentially answer a question for any who reads this who is about to apply for the whitelist. Fair enough.

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The questions are clear as long as you read them correctly. A bit of advice read the questions in the whitelist 3 times over as you might be reading it to quick and this could cause you to miss-read a word and then that could get you to put the wrong answer.

Failing is not always a bad thing. Use it to your advantage yes read the rules again and the lore no matter how many times you have read it if you are serious about joining a community and wanting to have a good time then nothing should stop you trying your hardest to not fail again. Use the cooldown time wisely. ;)

The helpdesk in teamspeak is always available. Don't be shy come and ask for help. Our community helpers and other staff members would love to give you an helping hand.

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We all had to go through the whitelist process so I can understand where you're coming from. 

Back when I whitelisted, The whole process was harder and stricter and you only had 3 attempts and had to write every rule out in your own words. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to go through that process!

We can always offer a helping hand as Kanen said. Just hop into the waiting for staff room on teamspeak and talk to a Community Helper about questions you may have regarding rules or whitelist questions. We can't and won't give you a straight answer to every question but we can guide you into the right direction and clarify things that might confuse you! Just don't hesitate to ask!

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If your ever having trouble, you can always reach out for help. There are plenty of people in the community (not just the staff,) that would be happy to help you with questions you might have. Use the forums and Teamspeak as much as you can and it will pay off in the end. Just keep trying, I promise you you won't regret putting in the effort.

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Like Phoenix said, back before your time it was way harder where you had to write basically an essay in order to get accepted. Everyone has to go through it. Act like you're trying to find the rules passphrase: Just take it slow.

Another tip is to make sure you've read and understood the question fully...

CH's are available to help in TS, too...

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Good luck fammo, you're gonna need it but you should be fine with all the times you've had to read the rules.


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