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About the Minutemen... [Open Frequency]

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*Viktor leans against the wall of Green Mountain and turns on the radio*

"I've heard the broadcasts, as I'm sure a lot of you have as well, but, I yet to see any of these so called "heroes."

*He takes a puff from his cigar*

"I've spent many nights here at Green Mountain without a sound, and you guys haven't been here in your so called "base."

"Where are you, exactly?"

*The radio turns off after a sigh*

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*The static gives pause for an all to familiar sound. An old and crackling recording of The National Anthem plays shortly. Then a metallic voice strains to speak.*

 Wasters, this message is from Minutemen High Command.

Authorizing Talon Lima.

Abandon all directives.

Await further orders.

The helping hand has closed to a fist.

There are none left to help.

*Unlike most transmissions the transmitter stays on as the voice falls silent. The soft patter of boots on the floor is heard before the slamming of a metal can be heard. After a few hours the dead silence cuts to static*

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